Friday, July 17, 2015

Audrey, to James: You Look Like Garbage #BB17

I have a lot of work to do with regard to last night's live feeds, but I just found a fun little moment in the storage room with Audrey and James, a little after 4:00 am.  The two of them don't seem very worried about their safety this week, and they even seem to be focusing on next week.

Audrey:  When you're in there with the guys, don't make it obvious....just see what they are thinking about for next week.  Don't just say, how do you guys feel about Audrey.

James:  Yeah, I know how to start a conversation.

Audrey doesn't want James to quote her, because "it wasn't told to her", but she thinks Jason "or his team" will be the targets this week.

(I don't like to use symbols to express myself, but :(    :(   and :( )

Audrey:  I think we should just be the Fun Bus this week...maybe if we get in some garbage bags somebody will come by and pick us up.

They laugh, and immediately start ransacking the storage room, looking for the Hefty bags.

The big black Hefty's are right there on the counter, so James gets in one of them.

Audrey steps back after re-arranging the plastic bag, saying "you look just like garbage!", and tells James several times not to tell anyone about this.

(Isn't this dangerous?  What about good old-fashioned suffocation?)

James:  Production is probably gonna pick me up and throw me out of here!

(ha ha ha they really might do that)

James wants to get in his Hefty bag in the kitchen, but Audrey says it would be much more believable in the storage room.

James:  But I might be in here for three hours before people come in here to talk about game!

but also:

James: If I'm in the kitchen Becky might try to take me out...because she's always cleaning up shit in there.

James:  This is my new camo!

Audrey reminded him not to tell anyone about this.

Note:  After the live show, James kind of jokingly told Audrey "thanks a lot" for telling Julie Chen and all of America that he is a slob.  Then he told the bedroom crowd that at home, he is very clean and is almost obsessive about it.

Johnny Mac:  Really?

James:  Yeah, I'm looking at this like being on a vacation.

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