Friday, June 26, 2015

More Problems with Steve #BB17

Audrey and Jackie are in the HoH, talking about Steve Moses, who is having some problems fitting in, although he might not even know it.

Audrey talks about how he interrupts and finishes your sentences during a conversation.

Audrey:  Oh!  I just Pulled a Steve on you!  Sorry!

They giggle.

Jackie:  He was asking me about where in LA I'm from, and then when I told him he said, so your family doesn't make much money.

Audrey:  Oh my god!

Jackie:  I tried to tell him and he was like, REALLY?, like he was going to explain it all to me or something.

Audrey:  I think he just thinks so linearly that he misses social cues or something.

Jackie:  I was like, this is my life, and I'm trying to tell you, bro...don't tell me about my life! And he doesn't like me telling him he's wrong.

Oh wow.  Now they are really unloading on poor little Steve, summarized as follows:

*  Audrey says he was firing questions at her about the events in the house, but interrupted her by "yeah yeah-ing" her while she was trying to speak.
* Jackie was going to do that right back at him, but she got called in the DR before she could do it.
*  Jackie says he corners her and gets in her face.
*  Audrey says she's seen him pacing back and forth outside the HoH room over and over, not knocking and then going back downstairs.  She almost wants to tell him "don't do that".
*  Jackie says it seems sneaky, and it just doesn't work in a game like this.

Da'Vonne came in to join them and they just summarized how weird Steve is to bring her up-to-date.

Da'Vonne better watch herself wearing a short skirt around those cameras, much less strutting around on that glass floor.

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