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Meet Liz Nolan - The Only Thing Scarier Than a White Bengal Tiger is Two Bengal Tigers - #BB17

1.  Jeff welcomed Liz Nolan during his live interview marathon in the Diary Room.  Liz is all charged up and as Jeff said, "filled the room with energy". She is from Miami, Florida and works for a "start up marketing firm".  She explains to Jeff that it is a five-person firm and it sounds like they have some sort of marketing newsletter that is emailed out daily to "curate the day's events" and they also do events for their members.

2.  Liz was born and raised in Miami and like most people who live there, is extremely proud of it.  She does point out that she doesn't speak any Spanish, though.

Liz:  So I'm one of the few who is the American Gringo.

Jeff:  Do you get around okay though?

Liz:  Oh yes!  I love the Cubans....I love Cuban food, and I always say I have a Latin soul because I am so in love with my city.

3.  Take a look at the above picture.  Liz does this motion with her hands constantly.  I must have deleted at least 6 pictures because I took a snap and in a split second she did the Liz Hands before I could stop snapping.

Liz:  I'm gonna go in that house and show them who Liz is, and I'm going to kill it!

Jeff:  Of course you are!

4.  Jeff wonders what the downfall might be for Liz--what are her negatives?

Liz:  Ooooo.  I don't want to be negative going into the house.

Jeff:  You don't have to answer that.

Liz:  So I'm definitely going to go in there with my high heels!  And I brought a bunch of bikinis with me so I'm just going to rock it!

Jeff:  Are you going to rock dat body?

Liz:  I'm going to rock that body, yes! If you're asking me what my strategy is, that's one of my strategies, yes. I have these tight little black shorts----that's my strategy right there.

Jeff:  Are you single?

Liz:  I am single and ready to mingle and eat some Pringles!

Jeff:  Well, you said that better than I could.  So you're going to use that as a strategy?

Liz:  Heck yes!

(Well, I'm no psychoanalyst, but it seems to me that Liz has listed her Greatest Downfalls for us all beautifully.  i.e. vanity, over-confidence, a shallow mindset, lack of self awareness....and so on.)

5.  Jeff asks if she's looking to fall in love, or is she just going to "reel them in".

Liz:  I am going to go after, not really a showmance, but a flirtmance.  I'm ready to flirt it up!  I don't want to be a, you know, "slu" (a slut maybe?) but I'm not afraid to flirt it up.

6.  Jeff:  So you're a fan of the show?  You know how it works?  You know, it's 24/7....

Liz:  A 100%.  I'm so ready to be videotaped!

Jeff:  Do you go on the live feeds?

Liz:  I go on the live feeds all of the time!

Jeff points to us.

Liz:  Oh! We're on it right now!  (***Liz Hands Alert***)  Oh my gosh!  I'm going to be all up in that live feed!

7.  Jeff:  The fans are crazy....they're the best!


Jeff:  They love it!

Liz:  My aunt is probably watching this, so Hey Nana!

8.  Jeff asks if there is anything she wants to tell us before the game begins.

Liz, waiving her arm around:  You know what?  Miami is in the building and I'm going to shake things up!  I am ready to win this, so let's go!

Jeff:  I love it!

Liz:  BB17!

Jeff:  Hashtag!

9.  Liz graduated college about a year ago, so if she wins the money she would love to get her Masters.  She and her mom split college costs up "half and half"so she'd love to pay her student loans and "treat her mom" and take her on a little trip.

(I thought she was going to say she'd pay her mom back.)

10.  Liz is a baby about crying and compared herself to Rachel.  But she doesn't want to show that in the house because she "doesn't want to show that on TV".

Liz:  I don't want to show weakness, because once you show weakness, people will pounce on you like a pack of wolves.

11.  If Liz was an animal in a zoo, she would be a White Bengal Tiger.

Liz:  White Bengal Tigers are my absolute favorite animals.  They are so beautiful and fierce and they will claw you up!  Just like I'll be clawing everybody!

Jeff:  Not me...

Liz:  I could just claw you up!  Just kidding.  As Lawon said during BB13, I'm not going to make this a cat house!  Beware of the tiger!

(So....Liz takes advice from Lawon Exum.  Chew on that for a minute.)

12.  Jeff:  Good luck in there and I don't want to see you until September!



So, Liz may have a twin sister named Julia that she didn't mention to Jeff.  Could there be any significance to this?  They do look very much alike, but standing next to each other, there are some differences.
But what about from behind?

FYI -- Troyzan from Survivor One World was at that same party.  Maybe if he looked like this during his recent Survivor Second Chances campaign, maybe America would have voted him in.  (I voted for him, even though he looked really rough in his CBS website picture---love me some Troyzan.)

That lady is from the (hopefully) defunct Real Housewives of Miami and trust me, Troyzan would never get with that.  Unless she was paying him, that is...because I think she's got some bank.

Another pic of the sisters.  Maybe it's just the way Julia does her eye makeup, but their faces do look different.  (i.e. not sure they could pull off the BB5 Fitness Twin switch, but if they are half-naked most of the time maybe no one would notice).

OK.  So obviously Liz is a loud, boisterous girl who likes to party and have fun.  It has been noted that it looks like Julia will be on the cast, too, but maybe she also went to casting and  Liz is the one who was chosen.  Surely Production wouldn't feel the need to have another Twin Twist season when they have already announced the BB Takeover situation.

Someone on Survivor Sucks says the following, however (information unconfirmed by me):

And then there's this:

Are they trying to punk us?  Rachel Reilly has come out and said that Julia is 10 months older than Liz, so they aren't really twins, after all.  Maybe the girls are just trying to sell themselves as twins for marketing purposes to get more attention.  Because, you know Liz seems to like attention.

(They have a twin-themed email address for marketing their modeling business.)

But then someone pointed this out:

So who the hell knows?  We won't know for sure until the two-night premiere next week.  No need to make ourselves crazy over it.  If we are going to be faced with Liz Times Two, let's just cross that bridge when we come to it and manage the best way we can.

Liz is already getting a lot of flak from the fans for her comments about her strategy. Yes, it sounds vapid and she seems like an Attention Whore.  That may be true, but if you live in Florida, particularly South Florida, bodies are always on display due to the weather and the beach. If you grew up there it doesn't feel strange to consider putting on a bikini as getting dressed for the day.  It's considered the norm.

I think she will be fun to watch, because she doesn't seem to be worried about playing a mental game.  She won't think before she speaks and will probably say and do things that are somewhat horrifying for someone trying to play a strategic game.

I do think something is up with the casting.  Rachel Reilly is a Company girl and would certainly try to stop the bleeding on information leaks if she can.

What will happen in the game with Liz?  Only time will tell.

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