Friday, June 26, 2015

It's Never Too Early to Talk Game #BB17

People are awake now, and Audrey and Clay have been having a meeting for some time now in the lounge area.  Audrey wants Clay to "call a meeting" with the original group they had, to cement the plan.

Audrey says James is threatened by Shelli, and is worried about showmances.  Audrey says she doesn't seem like a huge threat, so she doesn't understand why everyone is upset.

Audrey:  She doesn't even talk game much.  She's just like a cute little girl.

Clay:  Um hmm.

Now she says Jeff has been giving her the stink eye all morning.  She says Jeff threw Clay under the bus with Da'Vonne last night.

Clay:  Everything would be so much better if that Da'Vonne thing didn't happen.

Audrey:  She's starting to calm down now about Jeff though.

While they are talking, BB told Jeff to put his microphone on.

Audrey:  You see?  That's a sign.

Clay:  Look, he's my friend, but if I had to, I'd vote him out.

Audrey:  Then why don't we backdoor him this week?

Audrey says that she's a "human lie detector" and that "nothing gets past her".

Audrey:  I had a dream last night that you were the devil....that Clay put a big knife in my back!

Clay, chuckling:  Get the fuck out of here.

Audrey issues a "non-game dare" to Clay, to get a kiss from Shelli.  She says he should pretend to kiss her cheek and then go for the lips.

(Clay SHOULD NOT listen to Audrey.  First she wants him to call some sort of big meeting, which is always a BAD idea, and now this kiss thing, putting the romance on blast.)


  1. What do you think about Audrey opening the sealed letter to James from production and reading it aloud on AD? Will it make James a target now?

  2. What sealed letter? What did it say?

    I will try to find that footage and watch it.

  3. I think it was just his HoH letter, according to Jokers. And he probably already read it to them when he got HoH.

    Not to says Audrey wouldn't stoop to snooping though. I'm kind of already sick of Audrey. Playing waaaayyy too hard. Those SuperFans try to put on a good show for us sometimes, rather than playing to win.

  4. It said he had to pick two other players to form America's Team. It was sealed.

  5. It was on BBAD. She read it to Clay and I think Meg.

  6. OMG! WTF!

    She should be expelled for that. Now I fee like I have to watch BBAD to see that.

    And I am PISSED that Production would do that same crap again this year...

  7. I will rewind it to find the time for you. She was lying in the HOH bed at the time.

  8. It was like in the last ten minutes before it was over. Jace is on the bed with her. Clay and Meg are on the couch.

  9. OK. I watched that moment on BBAD and was ALARMED. I put the question out on Twitter, though, and found out that one of the websites got a picture of the card while she was reading it. It was only the card that said James had to pick the Have Nots.

    Nothing to do with TA, so Audrey lied, but I think she immediately copped to it.

  10. Thanks for straightening that out. That Audrey is a piece of work! She had me fooled when she read the card out loud. Tricky, tricky.


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