Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bits and Pieces From Last Night #BB17

Jason, Da'Vonne and Meg sat in the backyard and seemed to have a good rapport, saying they trusted each other and enjoying the conversation.  Jason and Da'Vonne were venting in a hilarious fashion, while Meg laughed and laughed.

Meg and Da'Vonne told Jason about the High Rollers, and then they all discussed strategies to get Audrey out of the house.  Da'Vonne says that Austin, Jace and Liz just saw how Audrey is, paranoid and confronting everyone, and she can't believe that none of them seem to want to take action on her.

James:  Everybody just wants to save their own ass!

Da'Vonne asks Meg what she's seeing and hearing, since she's talking to everybody in the house.

I think Meg gave her an answer that wasn't really an answer.  She said that people are worried about people they trust turning on them so soon in the game.  Jason is tired of people who come on this show just to get more followers.

Apparently Jace told the group he wants to get more followers on social media this summer, to promote his music.  He also said that he thinks he can get through the entire summer without being on slop.

Da'Vonne:   Joey did it!

They all laugh.  Da'Vonne tells them that "that group" knows that she's always watching and listening.  So Da'Vonne started a little conversation with Vanessa, saying that she feels like no one likes her in the house today.  Vanessa immediately said she felt that way yesterday, and they started to chat about it.

Da'Vonne:  And I knew that would happen, so I could talk to her and they would start talking across the room but I was watching and listening the whole time.  I hate to play her (Vanessa) like that, because I really like her, but I don't totally trust her......something about her...

Jason:  Uh huh.

Jason says the best time to get rid of Audrey is a Double Eviction and they all agree.  Apparently Audrey said something to someone about not being nominated because of her trans status.

Jason, into his microphone:  Can we have an early Double Eviction please?

Da'Vonne:  And if we get rid of Shelli, then Audrey won't have that place to go to...

Jason:  Oh, Shelli's not making it to Jury..

Da'Vonne:  Oh, no.

They started to talk about how Audrey wants all the camera time, and clearly wants to get attention, but then Meg kind of nipped it in the bud by saying she respects Audrey's platform and courage.  Of course they all do....but it stopped them from discussing how Audrey obviously is hyper-aware of the cameras.

Da'Vonne is having some skin problems in the house.  She usually just washes her face with hot water and doesn't wear any makeup.  Jason has some facial cleanser (Cetaphil?) that he wants her to try and promises that her skin will look better tomorrow.

Jason:  It won't be gone, but it will be bettah.

Meg went inside and Jason planned to smoke a few cigarettes.  Da'Vonne wondered if he wanted some quiet time and Jason was like, WTF would I do with privacy?

Jason:  And the one thing that I told these mother-effers is that I don't want to be in the house with people who just want to be famous!

Da'Vonne:  And I said that people who annoy me are people who can't be seen and not heard!

Jason ended up smoking a bunch, defending himself by saying "I was trapped inside for days, what do you want from me?"

Meanwhile, up in the HoH Audrey put a hurtin' on a container of hummus with Stacy's pita chips.  Clay and James were up there, too, and also Jeff for some period of time.  James told the group that his "type" of woman would be a cross between Shelli and Meg.

Audrey:  That's a good mix, because they are both so pretty and bubbly.

Jeff:  Um...what it is, is that Shelli is the beauty, know what I mean?  But Meg has a better personality.

James then compared Meg AGAIN to Taylor Swift and listed the reasons why:  her pale skin, her red lips, etc etc etc.

(Earlier today, I heard James tell Becky that if she "wanted cuddle time", to come back up and see him.  Becky made it down those spiral stairs in record time...)

And here's Meg, laughing as she hears James' plan during the PoV ceremony.

Apparently Jace has been "singing" in the house, and one of his songs talks about having long hair.  James plans to say "long hair, don't care, Jace, sit your butt in that chair".  He wanted to say "ass" but knows they will be on TV.

James also wanted to do the gator chomp "for his boy Zach", but Jeff told him that was a Florida move, and that the Clemson folks wouldn't like that.

Jace came up to the HoH and once again showed how he has zero self-awareness or ability to read other people.  I'm not sure who he thinks is going on the block on Monday, (I think he thinks Da'Vonne is getting backdoored.) but he went on and on about how next week, no one he knew thought of Audrey as a target.

(Jace.  Get real bro.)

Audrey just kept eating, and eating.  (Must be nice to be tall and snack with abandon.)

Then Audrey went downstairs and broke in on a conversation Steve was having with Shelli, regarding force and matter as they relate to physics.  To her credit, Shelli appeared interested and engaged in the conversation.  However the BB cameras were not.

What is this monstrosity in the bedroom?  I wish Shelli would let loose verbally on the furnishings in some of these rooms.  Because that "decorative item" is just butt ugly.

While everyone else is in bed, James decides to get some ice cream (double vanilla) and Jace hovers around, saying he's about to go to bed for the third time tonight.

Jeff came in and muttered that "Steve wants to sleep in the bed with me tonight".

Jace:   Absolutely not!

 I love pictures with the memory wall in them.  They have such a nice light to them.

I thought Jace was going to start talking analytically about the other house guests on the memory wall, but I was mistaken.  Instead, he wanted to put on another "show" for us, introducing James as being "country, and I'm from the country too, except I don't have an accent".

Then he asked the live feeders to follow James on social media and asked him what his "Insta" is.

James was confused for a moment, and then he figured it out.  When he started to say it, the cameras abruptly moved to the dark bedrooms.  (ha ha ha)


Here are some pictures I took in the last 24 hours that I didn't post for some reason or another.  Might as well do that here instead of just deleting them.

Da'Vonne apparently made some "Slop Brittle" for the Have Nots and this is Vanessa giving it the thumbs up, saying that brittle got her through the night.

Jace and Vanessa had a heart-to-heart in the Have Not room.  I think he was kind of upset about his relationship with Becky and was getting some advice from Vanessa.  She told Jace that she would never be the one to talk shit about someone...that's just not who she is.

I don't remember much else, but I know I wanted to get some pictures of the Have Not room with the lights on.  I know it gets cold in there at night, but I think I could catch some Zzzz's in those dentist chairs.

But only because I would fit in them, and there would be no fear of pending dental pain.

Audrey is never not talking  She just loves the sound of her own voice.  I'm waiting to see her having fun though, or having a light moment with the other house guests.  So far she's 110% game.  And that is tiring for me as a viewer, so I can imagine what it would be like for the other house guests.

Becky isn't in the live feed spotlight very often, but I did see her here giggling as she got into bed.  With Jackie, I think.

I heard it discussed on an #RHAP podcast that Becky told the group she had been "hit by a train that messed her face up".  She also apparently said that there was some pending legal action so she couldn't discuss it much further.

Did you hear Becky talk about that?  I did notice that in a few of her DR sessions, I could see what I thought were some facial scars.  I knew it wasn't plastic surgery, so I wasn't sure what to make of it.


I've got Becky's train wreck story right here.

I think that's Julia, not Liz.  But their voices sound just alike.


  1. I saw the flashback time on Hamsterwatch for Becky talking about the trainwreck: 6/25/15 9:35 pm Feeds 1/2 :)

  2. Hey Char! I will put that flashback on my list of things to do!


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