Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Derrick Slides Back Into the Background, But Still Manages to be Part of the Story #BB16

I think this is kind of amazing.  You probably heard about the Whack Job air traffic controller in Chicago, who decided to kill himself last week and bring down the whole Chicago operation, too, by setting fire to the facility.


The Whack Job was not successful at either goal...he survived his own attempt to slit his throat, and didn't burn down the O'Hare control tower.  But he did manage to ruin a lot of people's travel plans by causing widespread delays.  O'Hare is a busy airport with a lot of people flying through every day, so any sort of delay can have an unpleasant ripple effect.

OK.  So Derrick and his wife Jana were checking in for their flight home on Thursday at LAX, and they both appeared in some random news footage while the reporter blabs on about the slow scene at the airport.  (They must have hauled ass to the airport just after Derrick taped his appearance on The Talk.)

You might recognize Derrick from the telltale HITMEN  T-shirt.  I'm sure Tenley was there, too, probably in one of those baby basket carriers just out of camera shot.

You can read the reporter's story, and see the video here.  The Levasseur family appears at about the 1:14 mark of the video.

I was wondering, did they fly home carrying a check for approximately $575,000?  Or does Big Brother offer direct deposit now?

I remember hearing Evel Dick say that when he and Daniele won BB8, Production sent an overnight mail package with both of their checks to Dick's mother's house, where the package just sat on the front porch for a few hours until someone came home.

This kind of demonstrates how you never know who you're with when you are in a crowded place.  Everyone is just on their own trip and doesn't always look around at who else is there.   You might be close to a celebrity....a political figure....or a crazed gunmen.  Life is so random.


  1. Not me..I'm a people watcher. When I am at any airport, I am always looking around. Besides you should ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings.

  2. Well I know if some shit went down at the airport, I would want to be as close to Derrick as possible.


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