Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Last Slow Days in the #BB16 House

The house seems so big, with just three people rattling around in it.  They don't really go upstairs anymore, now that the HoH room is closed, and as in previous seasons, they just seem to sleep, eat, and talk about how excited they are to go home.

Victoria sat and ate cereal, reading the back of the cereal box.  That looks like quite a story on that box.  You can tell it is a healthy cereal marketed towards adults, because I don't see any Connect-the-Dots or Word Search puzzles.

I'm sure this picture says "serving suggestion" in small print somewhere on there.  You know, in case some idiots think that blueberries are in the box or something.

Derrick saw his suitcase in the storage room, and was happy to see it.  Both Cody and Victoria have had to pack over the summer when they were on the block for eviction, but of course since Derrick was never nominated, his suitcase was probably covered in cobwebs back in the Production warehouse.

He carried it back to the Fire Room and hoisted it up on the bed to start packing things up.  When he opened it, he found a pack of Winston cigarettes and started laughing.

I've always said that if future house guests were smart, they would bring in a few packs of cigarettes and just hang on to them, because having cigarettes in the Big Brother house can be great social currency.  For one thing, the smokers have an instant bond, and an easy way to meet outside to talk under the cover of cigarette smoke.  They are only allowed to smoke near the outdoor couches, so that situation makes for immediate rapport.

And even if you're not a real smoker, those cigarettes will come in handy.  Because every single smoker who has ever been in the house has always run short on the cancer sticks.  Except maybe Shelly Moore.  She must have brought in a bazillion cases of cigarettes, because Big Jeff was bumming them left and right, and Cassi was too.

Every year I'm sure people who consider themselves casual or party smokers probably ends up smoking in the house just because the opportunity comes up, and out of pure boredom.

(Last year Judd and McCrae traded cigarettes like prisoners, once the supply got low.  And the lack of smokes was a big source of arguments between McCrae and Amanda, too.)

We all know Derrick is smart and would have come up with that idea himself.  But maybe, just maybe he has heard me talking about the topic.  Or read my writing about the topic.  Whatever.

In any case, Derrick told Hayden one night when they were in the backyard drinking that he bought a pack of Winstons at the airport on his way to the show.  He thought they might come in handy, but when he learned that there were no smokers in the BB16 house he just left them in the suitcase.

Hayden kind of wanted a smoke at that point, and asked Derrick if he could go in the DR and ask for them.  I think Derrick went in the DR to ask but they said no.  (If someone had nominated Derrick then he would have been able to get them out of his suitcase....too bad Hayden didn't think about that!)

Derrick decided to have some fun, and went and told Victoria that he was ready to share "Secret Number One" with her.

Derrick:  Here's the first secret about me...I smoke.  Two or three packs a day.  But in here I haven't smoked...I thought I would quit this summer.  Here is the proof..

Derrick handed her the pack of unopened Winstons and she erupted in surprise.

Victoria:  DERRICK!  YOU SMOKE???

Derrick kept it going for a few minutes, but then confessed the truth, that he bought them at the airport for strategic purposes.

(I'm sure having smokes was helpful when he was working undercover, too.  There is instant rapport among the people who huddle outside to light up.  An easy way to make connections....a smelly, unhealthy connection, but still....)

Derrick:  No, I'm kidding you.  I can't smoke...see my one tooth?  That would wouldn't stain like the others and it would look weird...so I can't smoke.

Derrick told her about Hayden wanting a cigarette, and not being able to get it for him.  Victoria was very surprised about this, too, and seems to be re-thinking her whole opinion about Hayden.

Derrick:  He just caught a buzz and wanted one...I don't think he wanted Nicole knowing that he might be sitting outside smoking..  I got you good, right?

Victoria:  I was like, who is Derrick and what else is there?

Last week Derrick watched Caleb pack his things, and learned some techniques about rolling up clothes so more things fit.  Victoria says she always packs like that.  Derrick thinks it is a military thing, but actually any frequent flier knows this is not only a great way to use every inch of your suitcase, but it does prevent wrinkling....

Derrick has a lot more clothes leaving the house than he came in with, with all of the competition clothes and also a variety of props he wants to take home.  He said that if he had to choose, he would leave some of his "real clothes" behind, but he ended up feeling good about being able to get everything home safely.  He planned to put his shoes in a garbage bag and Victoria was surprised that he would do that.

(A major difference between the genders is their treatment of shoes.)

Derrick pointed out that it feels good to pack when they know they are the last three people leaving the house.  It's not a negative thing...it's a really happy occasion.

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