Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scenes After the PoV Ceremony #BB16

Cody didn't use the PoV, leaving Frankie and Victoria on the block.

So unless Cody is making out with that Travelocity gnome, I think that is Frankie under there.  I hope Cody gets out of there alive.

The house is quiet.  Derrick inspects a package of sliced turkey.

Victoria comes sweeping down the hallway. She and Frankie decided to dress up for the PoV ceremony.  They both worked on their speeches for the last day or so.

I think that is iced coffee she is stirring.  Now that Frankie is still on the block, I think she is beginning to feel confident that she will survive the eviction.  She asked Frankie about his speech...she was expecting something much more elaborate, based on his reported plans for the speech.

Frankie says he's really got something good planned for the live show this Wednesday.

(Not so fast there, Frankie.)

Frankie says he's going to say a lot, but he'll say it quickly.  Sounds like he plans another rap.  (You know, because America loved it so much last time.)

Victoria started trying to recite Zach's famous "Roses are Red"  speech and Frankie chants it with her.  They got stuck on the line he used to rhyme with Jocosta, but Caleb correctly recited it as he strolled into the kitchen to get something.

(Supposedly there was a Drive By Shouter outside while they were locked out....the feeds were down at the time but they did yell something about the Beast Mode Cowboy.)

Derrick was in the WC for a long, long time.

When the feeds return Derrick is alone up in the HoH, and is putting on the headphones to listen to Brett Eldridge.  He talks to us.

Derrick:  Hey live feeders. You can tell my wife Jana that the Beast Mode Cowboy has converted me into liking country music.  So Jana I'll listen to it in the car with you now...but it's got to be FGL or Brett Eldridge.

They just have that little MP3 player now.  They used to have some sort of flimsy Discman contraption, but this seems to work better.

Meanwhile, Caleb shows Victoria where the bathroom door was signed with Jocosta's name.  Victoria had to look at from several angles, but she finally saw it.

Victoria:  Do you think that was here before?  Or did she just put it there?

She went to get Frankie so he could take a look.

(Victoria is clearly worried about which Juror vandalized her name in the bathroom when they visited last Friday.  They all thought Zach or Christine may have done it, but Victoria was leaning towards Christine. You can read about that here.)

She had to really point it out for Frankie, but once he saw it he recognized the word.

Victoria:  It better not have been her.  Right?

Upstairs Derrick's relaxation was interrupted by Caleb, who was giving an impassioned speech.  I was confused at first, because he said things like this:

Caleb:  Don't get me wrong....I like you, but I'm sick of being around you.  I want to go home and see my my truck....

Derrick:  Just get back to life..

Caleb:  Exactly.

Turns out I think he is describing what he wanted to say to Frankie.  Frankie is driving everyone crazy right now.  Not only is he paranoid about the upcoming vote, he appears to be extra-dramatic right now, as if he wants to wring every second of camera time that he can.

Both Caleb and Derrick assure Victoria that Frankie is leaving, and that's a given.

Derrick:  And don't even let him talk to you about it.  See what a drama he just made out of that whole thing just now?  And it will be even worse on Wednesday.  So don't take the bait..don't let it get to you.

Derrick appeared to remember that he and Victoria are supposed to be on the outs right now.

Derrick:  I mean, you can have whatever personal feelings you have right now...I respect that, but I'm just saying if I were you I'd avoid his drama.

Suddenly Frankie burst in the room and just jumps in the HoH bed and gets under the covers.  Derrick kind of stammered as he acted like everything was just peachy keen.

Caleb apparently thought it was smart to pretend to sleep sitting up, complete with gentle snoring.

(Like Frankie just didn't hear him talking to Derrick from right outside the door!)

Derrick changed to topic to some of the songs on the CD.  He says Brett is killing it on a couple of songs, and Caleb tells them that Brett plays every single instrument on his CD.  He has backup musicians in concert, of course, but plays every instrument on the recorded songs.

Frankie expressed surprise at that, but Caleb says it's true, because he saw Brett playing all of the instruments on the music video.

(Caleb is so guilible.)

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