Wednesday, September 24, 2014

LA Overflows with Past Big Brother Players Before Tonight's #BB16 Finale

There won't be room to post them all, so here is just a sample from the former house guest's Twitter and Instagram feeds.

At first I thought that was Amanda's new boyfriend in the picture below with Amanda, Gina Marie and Andy, but it is Arlie Shaban from BB Canada.

This is a great picture and Andy should use it for all of his social media profiles.

Devin!  With Arlie and McCrae Olson, of course.  Devin looks a lot smaller than I remember him, right?

Andy and Jeremy McGuire!  I loved me some Jeremy McGuire.  How fun would it be to get turnt up with Jeremy, Zach and McCrae?

This isn't a party picture, but I think it's funny.  Amber finally got her sweater back.  She left so many articles of clothing in the house when she was evicted...Zach wore this sweater on repeat for a number of days, even sporting it on a live show.

I'm not sure who Carrie is, but she snapped a picture of a big gaggle of Big Brother people before they even got their first round of drinks delivered.  That is Jon Pardy and Neda on the left, with Spencer, McCrae, Gina Marie and Jeremy ready to chow down.

Amanda arrived in LA later than most of the others, sporting a necklace that is one of Elissa's designs.  A lot has happened with regard to Amanda and McCrae in the last 12 months.  I tried to stay out of it because the fans got really nasty about the whole thing, but here is a Year in McCranda  bullet point summary, in case you don't know.  With any luck there will be some drama this weekend and you may need to refer back to this bullet point list later.

*  McCrae went home to MN right after the BB15 season ended, followed a few days later by Amanda, who must have sensed that he needed constant supervision.
*  McCrae traveled back to Florida with Amanda, and moved in with her and her roommate.
*  McCrae got some sort of job through a BB fan who owns a business in Florida.
*  Amanda conducted their personal business live on some internet chats numerous times while McCrae generally looked miserable in the background.
*  Suddenly Amanda's news about McCrae stopped coming, and they traveled separately on various trips.  The sudden silence was deafening.
*  Amanda decided to expose the McCranda scandal by taking to Twitcam and reporting the entire sordid story of their breakup.
*  Said sordid story includes Amanda finding a long letter McCrae wrote on his computer to his ex-girlfriend Jessica, professing his undying love for her and remorse at the mistakes he made last summer.  The story also features Amanda confronting McCrae about this letter, and then McCrae leaving her house in the pouring rain, reportedly looking for mind altering drugs, and being gone for a few days. Yadda yadda yadda McCranda breaks up, but professes to be "best friends".  However Amanda soon pitches a minor hissy fit when Judd visits Florida and goes to Universal Studios with McCrae, and she only learned this on Twitter and was stung that she was not invited.  Amanda then confesses that she and McCrae are not friends at all, and that they haven't spoken in a long time.
*  McCrae got his own place in Florida with one of his MN buddies, but recently moved back to Minnesota and reconciled with Jessica, and apparently got his old pizza delivery job back.
*  Amanda fell in love with some other guy, definitely a hottie, and he has moved in with her.

So it was a busy year.  But Amanda does look good.  So that's something.

Gina Marie and Amanda, reunited again.  Wow Gina Marie looks good, huh?

This is a picture of the beautiful ladies of BB16:  Brittany Martinez, Amber Bozotra, Paola Shea, and Joey Van Pelt, who is sporting a new hair color.  Amber turning her backside to the camera reminds me of Victoria's portrayal of her during the ill-fated BB16 "Broadway Show".

Another group shot of the usual suspects. but this time raising a glass and toasting.  And Amanda sitting a fair distance away from McCrae.  Did it feel awkward?  I wonder....

This picture adds Michelle Costa from BB10, who Derrick mentioned as being someone he wants to meet after tonight's finale---they are both "Rhodies" from Rhode Island.  Lawon is also in this picture.  I have no comment about him, nor Gina Marie's choice of denim.

If I were Michelle, I'd try to make fast friends with Derrick.  Because from what I've seen of her in the past few years, she may need a few favors at some point from a friend in law enforcement.

Love this picture of Spencer and McCrae.  Spencer has lost quite a bit of weight and has a downright handsome face under all of that beard.  He recently started making weekly appearances on a radio show to discuss reality TV shows.

Spencer again, with McCrae and Gina Marie.  That is Spencer's girlfriend Marilyn in the picture on the far right.  She really exists, people!

Elissa is in town, of course, visiting with Rachel and Robyn Kass, who heads up casting for BB and a number of reality shows.

This picture is actually from a reality event in Las Vegas last week but I am posting it because Brittany and Rachel both look so pretty.  Those two have become fast friends.....


  1. I think that's Amanda's boyfriend in the group picture where her hand in on his shoulder. He's def a step up or two or three from McCrae.

  2. Oh, I think you're right. And it makes sense that she would want to show him off, particularly after all of the drama of getting dumped by McCrae.

    His name is Michael, and I don't think he was a BB viewer before meeting Amanda....she sure moves fast...that's for sure.


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