Thursday, August 21, 2014

Was Ariana a Diva Backstage During the Live Double Eviction Show? #BB16

We all saw Julie Chen tweet out a selfie with Ariana backstage after the double eviction, right?

Well, that night Hayden Voss was the second evicted, and from the bits and pieces I heard on the live feeds tonight after Nicole Franzel came back in the game, some crap went down backstage.  Ariana said something to Hayden that was nasty, and may or may not have tipped Hayden off about Frankie's identity.

Anyway, Nicole told people in the house about it, and we had periodic FISH as they gossiped about it.

Note that Frankie was obviously trying to tell Caleb that Hayden must have been saying awful things about Frankie this season, or his sister would have never said what she apparently said...

Here are my tweets as I listened, on the live feeds.  Read from the bottom up for the order things were said...and the clues I put together.


I will keep an ear open for more clues as the weekend develops.  These people don't have that much to talk about, so I know they'll cover this again.

Oh, and they all know that Nicole and Hayden made out in the Jury House.  Christine told everyone they kissed.  I hope Nicole doesn't mind that she shared that.  I guess the little social niceties don't really count for much at this point n the game.


  1. Nicole and Cody made out? You mean Nicole and Hayden?

  2. Yes! Sorry, I corrected that. Probably Wasted Wishful Thinking on my part...

  3. What a difference 2 years makes, considering how demure she was with Hayden and how predatory she's being with Corey...


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