Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Radio Interview With Derrick's Dad #BB16

Last week, before Amber was eliminated, his father Tim Levasseur did a phone-in interview with a local radio station that is pretty interesting.  You can listen to it at this link.

A few highlights:

*  The ditzy female host of the radio show HATES Zach, so don't expect to love her.  Or even like her, based on her overly enthusiastic verbal stylings.

*  Tim is watching the live feeds...he mentions seeing Derrick confront Caleb about a lie he told Derrick.

*  Tim contacted Production when  Derrick was a Have Not about his sudden weight loss and trouble sleeping, and they assured him that Slop was filled with nutrition and that Derrick would be fine.

*  Derrick's dad sounds really cool and understandably proud of his boy.

Derrick really has the support of his community...a local bakery is making cupcakes decorated with pictures of  Derrick and The Hitmen alliance logo is is pimping them on Twitter....they do look tasty.

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