Friday, August 29, 2014

Oh My Aching Back...and Knee...and Butt... #BB16

The live feeds came back on just minutes before BBAD started last night, within about 15 minutes of the end of the competition.  There is an air of misery in the everyone just ran a marathon, but they're not happy about it.  They're just left with their aches and pains that they feel every time they try to do something normal, like walk, or sit down.

Nicole knows she's in trouble now.  But anything can happen in a week...there are at least two other people that Derrick wants out right now, and if you give D-Rack a few days to weave his spell, you can bet things will change.

Caleb has an ice pack on his knee, and is laid out on the couch.  He's in too much agony to celebrate, talking about the damage his military service did to his body.  He says he wants to "get this stuff off me" and get in the shower as soon as he can.

For much of the competition, Caleb was off-camera, so it was hard for the live feeders to see his progress, or how he was doing.  I heard him talking to himself frequently, saying that the Reynolds' don't quit, and he needed to push through.  He kept telling himself to fight it, push through it, and get through the pain.  So I knew it was going to be rough.

At one point, Frankie chirped across the yard "Beast Mode...I'm right behind you...catching up!"  Then a few minutes later I heard Derrick tell Caleb in low tones that "he" wasn't really catching up...and that Caleb should just keep going.

Derrick didn't have much energy in his voice as he said this, so I wasn't sure what was what out there.  But Derrick had his own problems.  He ended up abandoning the plan to fill the big HoH container, since he had no shot of winning that, but trying to fill up the $5K bowl was no picnic, either.  Derrick took many hard falls, landing flat on his back at one point, and on his tailbone several other times.  Being tall didn't help in that competition, Derrick pointed out.

Cody needs to make himself useful around there, since he's the only one who can still move about comfortably.

Nicole came in the living room and told Caleb it looks like a clinic in there.

Nicole: But you won, and you get to be in the HoH room all week...and you get to play the PoV.

Caleb isn't sure he can even do that, and wanted to know when the PoV would be.

Cody:  Saturday.  It will be on Saturday.  Today is Thursday.  You'll be fine by then.

Caleb:  It will be the worst on Saturday...

Nicole:  Tomorrow's gonna be bad.

(When ever I start a new workout routine, it is always the worst on the third day for me. )

Caleb:  Oh, I'm gonna be hurtin'...

I can't wait to hear Frankie's spin on the Team America failure.  Pretty sure both he and Derrick will blame it on not keeping Donny.  That may be part of the reason why America voted "No", but the primary reason is  Frankie himself.

America no likey Frankie.

Derrick came out of the DR with some energy in his voice, carrying a message from "her".

Derrick:  She said start drinking, hot showers...take Advil, and they'll get somebody to look at you (Caleb).

Derrick repeats the instructions again.  Caleb think he's going to start cramping up soon, and Cody says he needs a banana. (for the potassium)

Caleb:  We're out..

Derrick:  Hey, I'll take one too.


When the cameras return a moment later, Caleb has his banana, and Nicole wonders if she can have some GatorAde.  She's still a Have Not until midnight and says she can wait two hours for a hot shower, if she needs to.

Derrick:  "She's" listening to us now...and I don't think anybody in this house would care if you got a pass and took a hot shower.

Cody:  Dude....that comp was hours...definitely over two hours.   You beasted through that thing. You never stopped your pace...everyone else slowed down, but you never did.

Caleb:  You can''s not how you start a race, it's how you finish.

Cody:  I think you even picked up your pace....and I heard you start cramping...

Caleb:  It cramped up on me...and I straightened it up.  My feet are froze, like they're about to fall off.

They are only supposed to use ice for 20 minutes at a time.  Caleb needs to get carried to the shower and then he can stand up in there.  He needs boxers to put on.  Cody says Frankie started scooping up the slush, too, after he saw Caleb doing it.


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