Monday, August 11, 2014

Let's Have a Quick Chat About Frankie's Half-Sister... #BB16

Typically, I don't do a lot of talking about Big Brother house guests' families.  Most of the time I don't think it's appropriate to drag them into the whole mess any more than they already are..

But Frankie's sister Ariana is a little different...Frankie was introduced in the BB16 promo videos as "Ariana Grande's brother", as if that is his entire existence.  (It just might be...)  And Ariana made an appearance via phone call on the first CBS episode of the season.

So I think she's already put herself into this whole mess.  I'm not going to trash her.  I'm just going to do some "adjacent reporting", as it relates to BB16 and her dear half-brother Frankie.

1.  Ariana's Hair

We've talked and talked about Victoria Rafaeli's hair system.  On the very first day of the live feeds, I reported that a tearful Victoria took Frankie into The Hive to confide in him about her hair.  She said one day three years ago "all her hair fell out" and she now wears long clip on extensions.

Frankie comforted her by saying that the same thing happened to his sister...her hair broke off, too, and she had to explore various options while it grew back.  He really made Victoria feel better.  At the time, I didn't really want to report that Ariana Grande's hair broke off, because I was trying to be somewhat discreet.  So I didn't elaborate too much at that time. You can read my post from 6-17-14 here.

Today I was online doing some research about something else, and I found a Facebook post written by Ariana about her hair loss.  So it's a real thing.  And it sounds like Ariana's fans were giving her crap about it, so she addressed it head on.  I can respect that.

2.  The Grande Attitude

We all know about Frankie's attitude.  But from what I'm seeing, that attitude might run in the family.

Exhibit A:.  Ariana's Nickelodeon series Sam & Cat was cancelled in July---Frankie doesn't know about it yet.  It certainly sounds like there was plenty of onset drama between the two costars.  I wrote what I knew about this here.

Exhibit B: I saw a tweet yesterday with a picture of a magazine that was kind of shocking to me...I don't know which magazine it is from, and certainly didn't get to read the article, but the headlines say a lot about what we already know (Frankie being a dick.) and other stuff we don't know.  Take a look:

Exhibit C: I found an article on Vulture from April 2014 that encouraged Ariana to "go full diva", and provided five helpful tips for her.  The article is a little mean-spirited, touching on her stage presence and clothing, but what caught my eye was the last tip, at the bottom of the page.

I love the part where she degrades her ex-boyfriend, who is a "You Tube star".  And her comment about Adrian Grenier doesn't make her sound like a sweetheart, either.

(Pardon me for saying this, but Adrian Grenier is known as having one the biggest dicks in Hollywood, so there's that...)

You can read the entire Vulture article here.

3.  Her Singing Chops

Now, this is the nice part.  After all, I'm not a total bitch.  I read New York Magazine and saw Ariana mentioned in an article about Patti Labelle.  She was talking about up-and-coming singers and brought up Ariana:

Of the younger generation of belters, LaBelle seems nothing but impressed. Mariah Carey is her goddaughter; they both love butterflies and used to be neighbors on the Bahamian island Eleuthera. She’s got her eye on Miley Cyrus, Adele, Carrie Underwood, and, in particular, Ariana Grande, whom she met when she sang “Lady Marmalade” with her for Grande’s birthday four years ago. “Oh, that girl is a little black girl in white skin!” says LaBelle. “That little hussy! She sings like an old woman!” 

You can read the whole Patti Labelle article here, if you are interested.

And OMG.  As a special treat I found the You Tube video of Ariana singing the song with Patti and GUESS WHO SHOWS UP AT THE END OF THE VIDEO?  FRANKIE!  But Patti calls him FREDDY!  

Ariana was 16 at the time, and you can definitely see that she's got skills.  The article posted in Exhibit C above may have some valid points about her stage presence and choice of attire, but the girl has got skills.

Don't fast forward to the end, even if you want to.  Listen to Ariana, and then Patti (QUEEN) and then enjoy seeing Our Frankie act like a blubbering idiot.  Literally.

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