Sunday, August 24, 2014

Donny: Scorpions Was About Geniuses! #BB16

About 9:10 pm BBT, the HoH room burst open and Cody, Nicole and Donny came downstairs with armloads of candy and other snacks.  There were loud clacking noises as each of them dumped loads of candy in the middle of the coffee table.

If you don't know, Cody won the PoV and the right to invite two house guests to join him to watch the premiere episode of Scorpions in the HoH room.  He invited Donny and Nicole, who he also "invited" to be Have Nots on Friday.  Oh, and he also "invited" them to sit on the block for eviction, too.

That drink in the picture below is some sort of "Apple Pie" flavored soda that Donny got especially for Caleb.

Nicole:  It was too short, because there were no commercials.

Derrick:  It really would have been neat if you could meet the stars of the show.  (David Hasselhoff watched the premiere of some show he was on with Jeff and Jordan in the HoH room during BB13.

Nicole:  The lead guy was hot..

They report that the show was about four geniuses who are working together on some project.  Nicole says one of them is a body language expert who can look at someone and tell if they have something important to say.

The lead character's IQ is 197, they say.  Donny reports that they also had pizza, but weren't allowed to bring that downstairs.  Donny says his belly is stuffed after this experience.

Donny:  Katherine McPhee from American Idol was on it.

Frankie:  She's a genius?

Donny:  No, she was a waitress.  But she's a mama to a little boy who's a genius.  It was couldn't have got up and went to the bathroom, because you woulda missed somethin'.

Christine dug into a box of Butterfingers.  (Yum.)

Donny:  I ate two pieces of pizza and a whole box of Butterfingers.  I think I'm gonna be sick.

Cody says the soda flavors were all weird...there was a bacon-flavored soda, and also a peanut butter and jelly flavor.

Cody says the show was sick, and will be a big hit with 20 year olds.  It sounds like they do computer-based jobs, like hacking into an airplane.  The show premieres September 22nd on CBS.

Donny says the pizza was loaded with toppings, so he could only eat two pieces.

Frankie:  Was it different pizza?

Cody:  I don't like the pizza that they give I didn' was the same kind.

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  1. It's funny when they call "pieces of pizza"...i lived in NYC all my life and we call them "slices of pizza", lol...☺...


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