Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Zach Stays Awake, Prepares for Thursday's Live Show #BB16

After his pool game with Cody, Zach was bubbly and energetic  He has hope that he will stay on Thursday (and may be just a tad overconfident) and after talking with Cody he is excited about potentially getting hired by the event company Cody works for.

He went out to the hammock by himself, already practicing that moment when Julie will read the votes and tell Paola she was evicted.

Zach:  I'd like to thank my beautiful, hard working mother, my father, and my favorite person in the world...my little brother.  Without you all, I wouldn't be half the person I am today.  And to you, the 12 voters....don't let someone bully you, and threaten you into doing things in this game that aren't good for you

He stops and starts a few times, rephrasing things and starting over.

Zach:  And if you keep me in this game, know that my primary goal is to get Devin out of this game---no one else is my target.  And no offense to you, Pao Pao, but I am much more physically and mentally capable of accomplishing that mission than you are.

Brittany, from across the yard:  Zach, who are you talking to?

Nicole:  He's practicing his speech for Thursday.

Zach asked the girls if they wanted to hear it, and they did, so he walked over and launched into it.

Both girls said it was perfect.

Nicole:  You shouldn't change a word.

Zach told them that the vote will be 9-3 or 10-2, depending on Frankie's vote.

Nicole:  You think you're getting Jocasta's vote?

Zach:  Yeah.

Nicole:  I don't know about that.....she and Pao Pao are best friends.  They call each other Mama and Baby (or something like that).

Zach:  So, should I even try with her?

Brittany:   You should definitely try...she's in here playing her own game...not Pao Pao's.

Nicole is like any other young girl, self-conscious about her appearance.  She is muttering to herself, and then sat up to feel her chin and neck area before laying back down.

Nicole, to herself:  Yeah...not going to eat that stuff anymore.....I ran a mile...yah

Leaving your clothes draped over your mid-section is a dead giveaway that a girl thinks she's chunky.  Although, laying next to Brittany would be intimidating for any girl.  Brittany is very confident, which is something people really notice.

Zach listened to Cody speak about how Zach's one-on-one conversations can have implications for everyone else, so he should be careful.  And they talk about Devin being a bully.

Cody:  It's like Amanda last year.  No one wanted to go against her because she bitched and moaned, but at a certain point in the game what she had didn't matter, so she went home.

Zach:  I like everything you're saying, Bro.  You are truly wise beyond your years.

Donny came out to the couches and they discussed how Devin targeted Donny for fear that he was a CIA agent or something.   Cody says that was "BB Paranoia" and he wasn't going to give in to it.

Donny:  Well, when I was nominated, you two were the only people who told me not to worry...the only two people.  Not even my sleeping partner said anything (Derrick).

Cody:  Well, people were afraid to go against the house.

Cody asked Donny what Jocosta's position was about the game.  Donny said they talk every day, but she never really speaks her mind about the game.  Cody and Zach agreed that Jocosta and Victoria were two important people for them to speak with this week, to lay everything out.

Cody went inside, saying he was sweating, and "hot and bothered...mainly bothered".  After he left Zach told Donny they needed to rise up against Devin, they can't let this continue.

Donny says he can't get his toothbrush and deodorant, because it is in the Girls's room and he doens't want to wake them up.  (i.e. the Fire Room)

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