Friday, July 25, 2014

Zach Eats Sour Patch Kids, Paces #BB16

I'll just tell you right now there will be a lot of Zach Rance on the website this week.  So all of you haters can just love to hate that, if you must.

Even Zach's haters would have to agree that he is entertaining. And deliciously unpredictable.

Frankie is in the bathroom and Zach paces, popping Sour Patch Kids in his mouth, but only one at a time, which shows remarkable restraint, if you ask me.

Zach:  Dude this is rough...who is our target?

Zach examines one of Frankie's pictures and announces he looks just like his grandpa.

Zach turned on the Spy Screen and scratched his butt, simultaneously.

Zach:  So...Amber, Nicole and Christine? You think?...OK.

Frankie's mic is turned off right now, which is probably a good thing.


I like to follow the house guests on Twitter after they are evicted, to learn what they have to say about the game.  I am still following Joey, who doesn't post very often.

I had to give up on Pao Pao.....she did post some interesting links to her music and pictures, but it was just too much for me.

And last night I had to unfollow Devin....he had just a little too much to say about the game and posted a little too much about it.  He does watch the live feeds, and BBAD, and tweets while doing so, but I just couldn't take it anymore.  He was a little too high on his own "game play", but does seem to be a very nice person.

If I miss something good on his Twitter, please let me know.

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