Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Will Amber's Baking Skills Save Her? #BB16

No, probably not.  But Aaryn did some baking last year a few times when she was on the block and she stayed in the game, so who knows?

So Amber is in the kitchen, barefoot and nearly naked, baking for the Have Nots?  Caleb took off his fake glasses to get a better look.

Since the Have Nots were awarded "Deep Fish Pizza" by the live feed viewers as additional foods this week, they have all sorts of pizza dough to choose from.  They have Boboli pizza crusts, which Derrick and Nicole dug into as soon as they saw the package in the storage room, just plain, in big chunks.

They also got Pillsbury pizza crust---the kind in the refrigerated tube.  Amber is not a Have Not, but she decided to make cinnamon rolls out of the pizza dough this afternoon. She used the list of Have Not-approved condiments to make some icing, and is mixing up some cinnamon sugar in the picture below, using a Ziploc bag.

At some point Amber put on a zip up hoodie.  I can't say I blame her, with Caleb overseeing the baking process and making assorted critical comments.  But he is a hungry cowboy, so I guess I understand.

She also put her hair up, so maybe the changes were a Health Department thing...

Nicole patiently waited for the cinnamon rolls, saying how excited she was.  Nicole knows her hair is in a bun for every DR session, so this week (or at least today) she is trying to leave her hair down for some variety on camera.  She asked Jocosta to help her with this, and stop her if she puts her hair up.

Nicole:  I just get fed up with it....

These exciting people are on a prime time TV show on CBS, one of the biggest networks in the world, three hours each week.  They are also on TVGN, a popular cable channel for 25 hours each week, if my math is correct.  Clearly they are just brimming with vitality and energy.

Jocosta is a Have Not, too this week, for food purposes only.  She got slapped with Slop during the PoV competition this week.  She lost the competition....not sure how long she will be on slop, but she seems to be allowed to eat the Deep Fish Pizza additional foods this week.

(Big Brother DID NOT allow that for Jenn City in BB14..she just had slop and protein powder for weeks after a PoV competition.)

Amber pulled the first tray of cinnamon rolls out of the oven, and they do look cute.

She drizzled the white icing on them, and it immediately melted and is now a glaze.  The house guests started to get excited.  Nicole called out for Derrick, telling him the cinnamon rolls were ready.  He must have asked a clarifying question, because she repeated they were ready to eat NOW.

I'll bet they looked too good to be true for the taste-deprived Police Sergeant.  Amber offered Donny a cinnamon roll, but he declined.

Donny: Is that the slop ones?

(No, there is no slop in the cinnamon rolls, but I'm sure Donny was trying to be polite.  He's never been a Have Not, and likely never will be if they use the Fitness Trackers for the rest of the season.  Donny walks a lot in the mornings.)

There were a few moments of silence, with nothing but hardcore chewing punctuated by gracious thank yous to Amber, mostly from Derrick.  Nicole and Jocosta both chowed down, too.

Nicole:  I cant' believe we're eating these, and we're Have Nots!

A few minutes later, Caleb was scraping the pan, dragging whatever was leftover through the glaze in the pan.


Derrick asked him to "please save one of those bad boys on the side".

He made a protein shake and sat down with Caleb to finish off the pan.  Derrick pointed out there was no nutrition in the pastries, so the protein shake should counteract that.

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