Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Up at the Crack of Noon #BB16

Brittany puts on her makeup and spends time hair spraying her bun.  Christine is eating either cereal or oatmeal.  Of all of the guys in the house, she says Derrick has the closest physique to her husband Tim, although he weighs about 30 pounds less than Derrick.

Jocosta wondered if Tim was that tall, and Christine says Tim is 6'2".

Jocosta:  Mmmm hmmm.  I wish my husband was tall.

Then Jocosta went on....and on....and on....talking about how all of her husband's brothers were tall, but he wasn't.  And then she had to repeat that a few times, to be sure everyone heard it.

I think Brittany said that he husband is around 5'8, so she's hoping that the kids get some tall genes from their grandfather.

I know everyone loves it when Christine blows her nose, so here you go.

Here's Christine trying to appear fascinated with Jocosta's Short Husband Story.  She did smile quite a bit, showing all of her teeth in delight with such an interesting tale, and added a few height elements from her own life...for example one of her brothers married a woman taller and older than he is.

Brittany:  He must be attracted to someone more powerful than he is...

Christine:  And get this:  he's a stay at home dad!

Victoria couldn't pretend, couldn't Fake the Fascination.

When they get to the competition where they hang off the wall, Victoria might just be stubborn enough to stay on there all night.  She has been doing tricep presses and other exercises every day.  As long as her weave doesn't snag on something and get crooked or fall off, I think she might have the focus to win it.

(No one expected Danielle to hang onto that ship in BB14....)

Devin can be heard talking in the kitchen about which foods were healthy, and which weren't.

Brittany is considering having an apple with peanut butter, and Devin approves of that.  Jocosta is slicing a tomato and is going on and on and on about how good it looks.

Devin: It is ripe and juicy.

Devin then suggests Brittany have a bagel with some of that fresh tomato.  I didn't hear her respond to that, but she says she plans to have 'whitefish salad' for lunch.  Frankie made that last night, beating the poor dead fish into a literal pulp and mixing in lemon and oil.

Outside Amber says she  "still can't believe she's here".

Really Amber?  Really?

Maybe she means she can't believe she's stuck in there with a stalker Caleb.

Brittany:  I just cleaned that kitchen last night, and it's already disgusting.  I give up...I just wanted to have a protein shake this morning because it is so disgusting in there.

I think they might be real...based on the last three pictures.  Is that even possible in Southern California?

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  1. Yes, i believe they are real, lol....☺....

    i have to say...Brittany has the Best tan of anyone there, real must be her spanish blood, lol...☺...


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