Friday, July 18, 2014

The Detonators Felt Good Last Night #BB16

They lounged up in the HoH Suite and went over the evening's events.  Zach realizes that if he and Amber won HoH, he would "be fucked". They all joked about how Zach would have panicked once alone with her and would have told her everything.

Frankie says that Brittany and Jocosta would have been in the bedroom with Amber, leaving Zach alone with those girls.

Christine:  No way we'd leave him alone up here.

Frankie: And if Jocosta and Brittany won, we'd all be fucked!

They think those girls would have nominated Christine, Frankie, Zach and Derrick.  During the competition Derrick pointed out how Jocosta and Brittany's strategy was working, allowing Cody and Frankie to implement it.

Frankie:  And then they dropped a lot of eggs...

Derrick:  They dropped A LOT of eggs.  I may have said in there that I didn't know if Jocosta was trying to win a competition, or break the record for the world's largest omelet...I may have said that.

Frankie told the DR that when he heard all of those eggs dropping, he thought Pao Pao was back in the house.  Cody didn't have a snappy comeback when the DR asked him the eggs dropping, and it sounds like they really had to prompt him to even throw shade at Victoria.

When the comp was over they said Brittany was sitting at the kitchen counter and looked like she wanted to hit someone over the head with her coffee cup.

Cody:  She said, some people wanted to see their kids, and I said some people aren't going to see their kids.  Sorry, but we're pickin' up the pace here..this is a half million dollars here....

Derrick pointed out that last minute scrambling before last week's nominations is what got Donny put on the block....people should come up and see the HoH's tonight and not wait until the last minute.  Frankie said he's going to be very unavailable in the morning before nominations.

Frankie:  I think it's funny when people say they're not going to go up and talk to the HoH...that's the game!

Cody said he didn't want to talk to Caleb after Caleb won the first HoH and was flexing like a douchebag.  But he did it anyway and ended up getting hooked up in an alliance for the week.

As they wrapped up their chat, Cody wanted to "put the key in and blow it up", indicating that he wanted to do The Detonator's new signature move.

They all circle around, pretending to put a key in, while someone made a gun cocking sound.

They they blow up their fingers, complete with a bomb bursting sound.

Derrick:  That's actually really, really good.

(We are likely to see this footage over and over and over, like the Quack Pack signature motion.)

FYI - Each of the five Detonators has an outside alliance to help keep the group safe.  Christine sounds like she is pushing Nicole into Hayden's arms if at all possible.

(The order of the events of this meeting is a little scrambled....I had to back up a few times and lost my place, but the main gist of it is here.)

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