Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Afternoon, in PIctures #BB16

Victoria didn't stay outside for very long.  She's not a tanner, apparently.

Frankie can't just lay there quietly.  He is always humming or singing or asking people questions that may or may not be sincere.  It's exhausting.

Cody is really dragging on the slop diet.  Devin gave him some new information about how to prepare it that seems to blow Cody's mind.  Devin had to repeat it for him, slower.  Basically he said to sift the slop so that only the rolled oats remain, then to mix it with the chocolate protein powder.

Cody said that sounded really good, and he might need to make some of that later, so he could get through the day.

Devin started sifting the slop to make some of it for himself, even though he's not a Have Not.  It would have been nice for him to make some for Cody, too, right?  I don't think it even occurred to Devin to offer, which is kind of telling.

Devin stirred up the slop powder with some milk and chocolate powder, and then added peanut butter.

Christine seems to have a few medical issues that are making life challenging in the house.  She has allergy problems and has been waiting for the DR to give her medication for it.  She's been having trouble breathing and is very congested.  She also has some dietary restrictions, with a list of foods she can't eat, including gluten and dairy (I think).

Amber sashayed through the room and everyone said 'Good Morning'.  She laughed and said she was outside early this morning alredy.

Frankie comforted Cody, maybe a little too much.  Cody likes to hug.  He's a hugger.

Also, if you don't know, Frankie always says that tuna salad is his favorite food in the world.  They are out of canned tuna in the house, but they had a package of yellowtail tuna so he broiled it and planned to put together a high-end tuna salad for the house guests.  According to the package, the two pounds of tuna in the package cost $77.00, so that's some expensive tuna salad.

Joey laid outside with Caleb, who says he can't take too much sun and doesn't seem to enjoy just laying there.

Brittany sensed an opportunity there, so she pulled her lounge chair over there and got into the conversation.  Caleb seemed cranky at first but then he joined the conversation, which was just about basic topics---nothing about the game or Amber.

Joey went inside and Brittany kept talking to Caleb.  She told him about the first time she rode on a horse and they talked about how nice it would be for the entire cast to get together after the show ends to party and let loose.

Caleb:  Yep.  Maybe then nobody would be lying or using each other, and everybody could be straight up.

Brittany told him she's learned that she needs to control her emotions in the house, and use the DR to vent instead of being too candid with others.  She seemed to be trying to give him advice, and Caleb should be grateful she's reaching out, trying to be kind.

After a few minutes Caleb said he was going inside---I think because Amber came outside and was sitting on the couch.

Joey told Brittany that she's prepared to go home tomorrow.  She wants to be positive about it, but also not to be a mess if it happens.  She says her boyfriend Andrew has asked her to marry him so many times, but she has been afraid of commitment.

Joey:  I've learned in here that I think I'm ready....I can't wait to get married now!

Brittany:  Oh, you're making me tear up over here!

She talked to Joey about being the author of your own book, and moving forward to create new chapters without going back.  It was a good conversation.  Brittany is only 3 years older than Joey, but it seems like decades based on Brittany's life experience.

Oh no.  Cody was blatantly flirting with Amber, teasing her about her love life.  She said it's been about a year since she's dated anybody, and Cody pretended to tap his watch and told her the clock is ticking.

Very flirty, as you can see.

You can just sense the storm clouds on the horizon, can't you?   How is Caleb going to control himself when he can't barricade himself in the HoH when Amber is around?

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