Thursday, July 17, 2014

Spencer and McCrae Reunite for On the Block with DJ Pao Pao #BB16

I've lost count of the number of former Big Brother house guests who have started their own podcasts or interview shows about Big Brother.  I saw a tweet from Spencer about watching their podcast with Pao Pao.  The feeds are down right now, so I decided to watch.

It's over an hour long....and that is going to be way too long for me.  And I am growing very tired of the whole "Donny is great" and "I love Donny" that is being shoved down our throats now, particularly by CBS.  I liked Donny a lot more before I saw how CBS is portraying him.

McCrae is enjoying a beer during this interview and is more animated than usual.  To his credit, he didn't mind when Paola said that BB15 was the "worst season ever".

McCrae:  I'm probably the only one who won't take offense at least you can be proud that you weren't on that season, and you won't be blamed by America.

Paola is very peppy and has the clearest camera view, but I am going to have to skip around and will just provide the link for you in case you want to watch this.

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