Monday, July 14, 2014

No One Can Describe What Sprite Tastes Like #BB16

It was almost 4:00 am, and they were running out of things to talk about, I guess.  Cody was sipping some Sprite and they read the label, noting it was Lemon-Lime soda.

Christine: I don't think it tastes like lemon or just tastes like Sprite.

Frankie mentions Lemon-Lime GatorAde, but Nicole had never heard of that.  Frankie said that it was yellow, and Nicole says she loves the yellow GatorAde, but didn't know it was supposed to taste like Lemon Lime.

Now they discuss shots, and Zach says that shots are never a good idea.  The first time Christine took a shot, she spit it out as soon as she tasted it and her husband finished it for her.  Cody and Frankie are big fans of doing shots, though.

Frankie:  Shots are everything....Patron baby.

Cody likes to do Fireballs, and Hayden agrees, and recounted a time when he had a few too many.

Christine says she doesn't really drink much at all.

Cody tells a story about when he "got wrecked on a Friday night" and then had to go into the city and work all day Saturday.  He would go out and dance, and then go in the bathroom and throw up.

Frankie described a little trick that he can do where he rolls the shot glass down the side of his face and tries to demonstrate it with a bottle of Advil.  The pill bottle is very noisy and the sound interrupts Cody when he is trying to speak.  You can see the bottle of Advil flying through the air below.

Frankie says he learned the trick from a movie, The Long Kiss Goodnight starring Geena Davis which he describes as a Shoot 'Em Up movie.

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