Monday, July 28, 2014

Let's Survey the Live Feeds for Damage From the ZachQuake #BB16

Christine and Zach walked up to the HoH Room together and it was clear they were trying to hold it together until they were alone.  As soon as they were both inside, emotions exploded.

Christine: Your TV time is going to be unreal!  That was great!

Zach:  It was great, wasn't it?

Christine:  It's just absurd to me that you feel comfortable doing things like that.  I don't even want to talk to her now....I didn't want to before, but I had to, because she was...she was here..but now..

Zach: No one ever talks to the person going one talked to Brittany that last week either.

Caleb came in the room and in front of Christine Zach apologized to Caleb, saying he was very sorry for what he said, and he hopes Caleb isn't upset.  As Christine left Zach mentioned they would have some "hammock time" later to talk.

As soon as she was gone, Zach and Caleb did a fist bump or snap or something like that, celebrating.   Then Zach expressed "surprise" that Hayden used the PoV on Victoria, and not Jocosta.

Caleb:  I knew it...he told me right before.

In The Hive, Cody and Derrick chat about Caleb.  Derrick tells Cody that even after what just happened, they have to pump Amber up all week, saying that Zach is an asshole who needs to be backdoored, and letting her think she has their votes.

Cody looks Amber right in the eye when he speaks to her, but Derrick says he has problems with that.  He's glad Cody looked right at her, and says he fed off that during their talk.

(Look at all of those folded towels....I'll bet Amber folded them.  If I were her I'd run outside with them and throw them over the wall...)

Cody:  I'm getting really sick of Zach and his mouth..throwing me under the bus all the time.

Derrick:  You should tell him that.

Cody wants to get rid of Caleb, too, but Derrick says loyalty is everything to Caleb.

Derrick:  He has that military mentality---he doesn't have the ability to lie.

Cody:  I don't think he does....

Cody says he has been so paranoid about Caleb coming after him, but Derrick says that feeling will be gone as soon as Amber leaves.  Derrick doesn't think Caleb would every come after Cody.

(Not sure what Zach said about Cody, but maybe it was something about Amber flirting with him.  Zach and Frankie giggled that they would keep throwing Cody under the bus all week...)

The cameras change to the storage room, where Hayden and Donny embark on a search for lunchmeat.

Hayden:  I was nervous...a little...

Donny:  But then Zach got up and started talkin' and everything was did great!

Hayden:  Did you enjoy this episode?  I told you it would be a good one.

Donny:  It was good.  Is that ham right there?  Or turkey?

Hayden:  That's ham.  Definitely ham.

You can't even see Donny in the pictures, because he is kneeling down inside the fridge.

The cameras switch back to The Hive, where Derrick tells Cody that the people he would put up on the block are the people that would put him up on the block.

Derrick:  So that's Jocosta...and Donny.

Cody nods.  Derrick is glad that Cody is seeing the light about Caleb being loyal.

Cody:  Me and Caleb had a straight up convo last night, and he said he's happy going to the end with our six, but he wishes Zach wasn't in it...and Hayden was in there instead.

Derrick:  You don't think Caleb will change his mind after what Zach just did for him?

Cody:  No, because I think it will all blow up in Caleb's face.

Then they discuss that "when they get down to that" Frankie and Hayden are the only ones who can beat them in the end (at comps and the final vote, maybe?) so they really need to target them before they target Caleb.

Derrick says Christine's knowledge of the days in the house, and the events will smoke them both in the end of the game.

Derrick says Caleb will hang on to something until his hands fall off--that is the way the military programmed him..if he loses, he's dead.

Derrick: But is he a talker and a bullshit artist?

Cody says last night the stories were incredible...he was a bull rider, a professional snow boarder...

Cody:  Get this...he told me last night that he'd never even walked on a soccer field, but if he did he'd get signed immediately.

Derrick, laughing:  Oh, the other night he told me that he was re-thinking the whole country thing...instead when he gets out of here he wants to be the next Robin Thicke or John Legend.

This is too much for Cody to take.

Cody thinks it may be tough to get rid of Frankie and Derrick agrees.  They both think the minute Frankie is on the block though, people will vote him out.  Derrick points out that the longer they both stay, the more power they will have.  Derrick cautions him to keep Zach close, because they need him right now.

Cody:  I want to know what he's up there saying to Frankie about me!  I'll bet he's throwing you under the bus, too!

Derrick:  I don't trust Frankie.  But watch what you say, because Zach is voting for Frankie to win, not us.

Cody:  I'm not gonna say anything to him..

Derrick:  Both of us are playing the social game right now...we're playing the "you can trust me game"

Cody:  No one has more trust in this house than we have right now.

Derrick:  Exactly.  So we have the most to lose if Amber blows up our game.  No one trusts Caleb...or Zach...or Frankie...

Cody:  Dude.  No one trusts Frankie.

Amber interrupted them just as Cody was about to say something important to Derrick.  She is whining again about being a pawn, why isn't Zach on the block instead of her?

(Does she really think Frankie would put Zach up on the block?)

Zach's evil laughter can be heard in the distance, even with the door closed.

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