Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cody's Penalty Kick-in-the-Butt #BB16

Cody has to take penalty kicks every hour on the hour for 24 hours.  (They won't actually time it like that for the whole time, but whatever...)

He came outside around 8:40 last night for a round of kicks.  Nicole hadn't seen it yet, I don't think, because she was busy in the DR with her German-tard.

As Cody turned around with his back to the kicking machine, he pulled the back of his sweatpants down.

Christine & Nicole:  Whoooo!  Whoooo!

Cody:  Oh, you like that?

(Yes. We like that.)

Cody has to pull an overhead lever and the shoe swings up to connect with his butt.  He has to get 10 kicks in the butt each session.  Derrick and Hayden turn around in their lawn chairs to watch.  You can hear Brittany kicking the soccer ball in the background.

Cody:  That fuckin' shoe....

Cody came over where Christine and Nicole were sitting and squeezed in with Christine, and started whispering immediately.  I think he feels badly about the Brittany situation, and I heard them mention "Frankie" and "drama" in the same sentence.

Nicole:  Is this...are we on TV now?

Christine said "yes" so Nicole explained to the camera that "I'm wearing a frickin' German-tard now because...I don't know why.."

She drank some beer for good measure. I think they meant BBAD, but that isn't supposed to start for another 20 minutes.  She told Christine a few minutes ago that she was supposed to use apple juice if there wasn't any beer available.

Nicole:  This is Heineken...they told me, because that's the only beer I like.  Please be my friend this week...I'm so tired of trying to find friends...

Christine:  Oh, I'll always be your friend.  I was talking to your mom a little while ago...I told her I'll help you through this, whatever it was....I hope your mom likes me and doesn't think I'm a weirdo.

Nicole:  They know I'm a weirdo, so don't worry about that.

Cody says Nicole's boots are sick and he thinks they are from Steve Madden.  He came over and inspected them, saying girls' boots are so cool.  Christine said they are probably from Target, since that is where BB got her shoes (?) but they do look just like Steve Madden.

Caleb came over and gave Nicole a hug.  Nicole asked Christine if it is rude that they don't go over to the soccer net to sit.

Christine: There's no where to sit...


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