Thursday, July 3, 2014

Buildup to Wednesday's House Meeting - Caleb's Delusions #BB16

OK, so I know that the shit hit the fan yesterday concerning the Caleb-Devin- Amber drama triangle.  I am proposing that we call them CADAMBER, but of course the internet is a democracy.

I kind of know where this buildup ends, but I want to get there slowly and relish the tension.

When I see BB fans bitching about the live feeds being boring...I think they are crazy.  This season is a slow build, but there is A LOT of drama bubbling all over.  If Amber had just jumped in the bird's nest with Caleb, this would have been a much different situation.

Right McCrae?

This Flashback begins around 10:30 pm on Wednesday, and there is a counseling session underway with Derrick, Caleb, and Frankie.  They are talking about Amber, of course, who Caleb stopped talking about yesterday...and has spoken of nothing else since.

Let me summarize by saying Caleb thought Amber was into him, but she wasn't.  I've tried to summarize it twice, but it is too ridiculous to document again.  You can catch up on the two major CADAMBER incidents discussed here and here.

OK, so a conversation was being held between Cody, Christine, Nicole and Frankie in the Hive Room.  Victoria was there, too, and was going on and on about how much she hates Devin, and how stupid he is.  Apparently he has said and done many offensive things during their two-week stint in the BB house, and she remembers each one, punching into a pillow as she speaks.

He talks nonsense all day long, she says, and she can't understand how Caleb puts up with him.  Cody agrees Devin is crazy, and says Caleb is basically a nice guy in a really bad situation.

Caleb himself appears in the room and the girls disappear in moments, leaving Cody and Frankie in the room with Caleb.  I'm guessing that the girls giggled about leaving the room with Crazy Caleb in there, because the next thing you know, Derrick knocks quickly and bursts in, saying "private meeting?" but he is already crossing the room to sit down.

Caleb may have nodded at Derrick, but I didn't hear him skip a beat as he brought up the same old complaints about Amber.  You know, the ups and downs of their relationship over the last 14 days.

Caleb pointed out that she said things in front of a "bench of people" that were hurtful to him and that is hard to accept.

Caleb:  Just the other day, she had my hat on and I was spinnin' her around to Florida-Georgia Line...I hope she comes up to me, but she was tellin' Devin that every time she comes in the room, I just walk off..

Apparently she had a conversation with Devin and Devin said how can you expect Caleb to feel, when you said those things about him?  Cody is being supportive and basically mirroring back what Caleb is saying.  Caleb wants people to tell Amber why he's not talking to her, because he's sure she's going to bring that up with everyone.  He wants them to tell her she's still part of the alliance...he'll still do everything he can to keep her here...and tell her when we get out of here I still want to take her out on that date...(OMG)

Caleb, to Derrick:  You know the situation, don't you?

Derrick, sounding irritated:  Oh yeah  You told me last night!

But Caleb has to repeat it again, that Amber told a group of people that Caleb was really into himself.

Derrick, trying to cut it short:  Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

Now Cody says Amber probably snapped because she was on her period, and Caleb agrees.  Derrick tries to get the conversation back on track and says it was probably a coping mechanism for Amber to deal with the stressful situation.

OMG Caleb goes on and on and on, saying that even if Amber didn't mean it, she still said it, and she needs to apologize for it.  And he goes on to state exactly what that apology should say.

(BUT WHAT AMBER SAID IS TRUE!!!  I've heard him say all of this at least 10 times now....all he does is TALK ABOUT HIMSELF!!)

Caleb:  ...all she's gotta do is say I didn't mean was my time....her period...


Caleb tells Derrick that Devin came up there to the HoH to back him up, and told Amber that what she did to Caleb wasn't right, and Devin heard it all with his own ears.

I'm sure Derrick has already heard enough, and is ready to roll back to the station with Caleb restrained in the back seat.

Derrick:  Where is she now?

Caleb:  She's downstairs...with her head in Jocosta's lap...

(I swear to god this is just like an episode of Cops, where at least half of the calls seem to be domestic violence-related...)

Suddenly the topic changes when Derrick asks Frankie what is wrong with his hands...

Frankie:  I don't know.

Caleb:  I'll bet it's all them four different creams you were usin', and the ones you put on Devin's face.

(OMG.  Madness around every turn....)

Derrick says since the tops of Frankie's hands are red (they really are) it looks like it is a circulatory problem.  Or a burn, Caleb says.  Frankie thinks it is from product he has used, maybe a reaction to something.

Caleb goes right back to talking about Amber, saying it sucks that he has to "protect a girl who's been talking crap about him".  He's had to suck up a lot in life, but this will be really tough.

Derrick:  Well, I think Cody already said it...this thing is going to come to a head.  She's going to be sitting on the couch and you're going to be sitting on the couch, and it's going to come's going to be organic....I don't want to use the word 'afraid' but maybe she's's a tough
conversation to have with someone you just met 14 days ago....

But Caleb just won't let it go.

Caleb:  But I don't think she thinks she's done anything wrong.  I mean, she goes to bed and says good night sweetie and kisses my head and then asks Devin what's wrong with me..

Caleb now launches into a moving rendition of how Devin described Caleb to Amber..."you see Caleb and you see a tough country boy...who's been into war and seen his friends get jacked right in front of him....who's from a broken home and hides behind this tough shell...Caleb is not who you said he was....

Derrick:  Well that's pretty straightforward....she'll come up to you when she's ready to talk.  If he said all that to her, then it's clear that she knows the facts and she can decide to apologize to you or not..

Caleb:  She can go home or not....

Now Derrick starts recounting the things that Amber said about him AGAIN and Derrick tries to cut it short, saying "right...right".

Caleb clarifies that Amber didn't know that Caleb knew what she said about him, and she didn't know that Frankie knew, too.

Derrick:  ..until an hour ago, right?

Caleb:  Yeah, now she knows we know, after Derrick said all that..

Caleb mentioned that there were other people in the room, too, during this conversation.

Derrick: Oh, so there were's too bad you haven't known her longer, because after knowing someone 14 days, you don't know what they're like....let's be honest, after that amount of time we really don't know who any of us are as people, or how we react in for you to go up to her right would be simple outside this house, but inside this house it is a roll of the dice....because we're here to win half a million dollars....14 days ago you didn't even know were just saying this to me on the couch the other know what time it is...

Caleb:  It's game time!

Now he goes into what he wants to say to Amber AGAIN, that they can go back to the way they were before, and she can wear his hat, and he'll take her out..

Derrick points out that Amber didn't want to have a showmance on TV, anyway.

Derrick:  Look how many showmances last outside the house...Brendon and Rachel and Jeff and Jordan...that's it.

Frankie:  I wonder what McCrae and Amanda are doing right now?

Derrick:  They're over...they broke up right out of the house...but what about that other couple who got married....

Frankie:  Britney?

Derrick:  No...that girl....Evel Dick's daughter...

Frankie:  Daniele?

Derrick:  Yeah, and that kid...that Spanish kid who wore the earrings...(ha ha ha Spanish...)

Frankie:  Oh NO WAY!  Really?

Derrick:  Yeah...

Frankie:  Jose...Enrique....(WTF how can they call themselves fans?)

Caleb:  Getting married on the show?

Derrick: No, these two definitely got married.  She's referring to him as her husband.

Derrick says Caleb should feel better, because now she knows and there can be no misunderstanding.  Caleb says that he feels better that Devin is taking up for him now.  He didn't when the comments were first made, but now he is stepping in to stop the jokes and Caleb appreciates it.

OK. OMG Caleb still thinks Amber still feels the same way about him...she still likes him because "nothing's happened...he hasn't done nothing..." .  And now he goes into the WHOLE BUSINESS of Amber saying Goodnight Sweetie again....

OMG now Caleb is saying Amber asked him to take him with her to the end, because she had a good feeling that he was going to be up there at the end winning the $500,000 check..  She wanted him to carry her all the way to the end..It's like a loop....the same handful of conversations running over and over inside Caleb's head.

Caleb:  I'm not here to carry nobody....I'm here to carry my bros to the Jury House.  And once we get to that point, it's every man for himself.. I'm just concerned that people are lying to me...

Derrick:  You know what?  It's a fair fucking concern.  Lying is condoned in this game, so for you to be wondering about that is completely valid...until you watch the show, you have no way of've just got to go with your gut...nobody knows the answer...her name might not even be Amber!

Caleb reacts to that.

Derrick quickly says that he does think her name is Amber, but for now he's got to keep his eyes on the prize..

Caleb:  After this is all over, I'll take her on that date..

Derrick:  And you know what, when all of this is over, you might not even want that...

Caleb:  I'll just go back to the little town with my check (OMG he thinks he's winning) and I'm going to be on the Bachelor next...

Derrick chuckles, and then sees that Caleb is serious.

Caleb:  Can you imagine that?  If I tried out to be the Bachelor and she ended up being one of the girls on the show?

Derrick:  Oh geez...

Caleb:  I'd say, CUT the show..there's the one right there!

Now Caleb tells them he applied to be the Bachelor, but the application would have taken to long to complete.

Frankie, perking up:  Really?

Caleb:  It would have taken a month just to video you have to make after another...25 to 30 videos...

Derrick says that doesn't surprise him..they are trying to do matchmaking so they need to know about them.  They say one questionnaire for BB had 400 questions on it and took Derrick 8 hours.  They mention a 50 page questionnaire they had to complete in the hotel at sequester.

They start describing all of the clothes they get to keep for the competitions, and all the shoes.

(Wait until they get the 1099-MISC at the end of 2014 with the full retail value of the items reported as taxable income.....)


  1. Caleb clearly has an inferiority complex that manifests itself in the hard guy front he puts up and the constant fretting he's doing over Amber. A truly confident and together guy wouldn't find himself in that situation anyway, but he also wouldn't give a crap what one strange(r) girl thinks about him. It's like grade school with this guy. And what kind of a real man uses "product"?

  2. Craig make sure you watch Wil Heuser's video, where Caleb makes an appearance discussing his use of hair gel.....

  3. I still think you missed what really lead up to the House Meeting. Devin confronted Amber in the HOH room and angered Amber who said "I don't appreciate you coming at me like that." A furious Amber then spoke to other HGs and Devin seemed to panic and called the House Meeting to deflect (I think) because Amber told Devin he was lying about what he told Caleb and he probably knew she'd talk to Caleb. When the meeting happened Caleb and Amber were in the HIve talking and they missed the meeting. Also Amber never called Caleb 'self-centered', Devin walked in while she was talking to pao and he assumed she was talking about Caleb. It was quite a night on the feeds.

  4. I also forgot to add that I LOVE your blog, and read it daily. The pictures of the HGs are fun, and I (often) laugh out loud when reading your takes.

  5. Thanks. I started recapping the Devin info yesterday but got bored...I feel we will see plenty of Devin's breakdowns this week....hopefully culminating in a grandiose tantrum when Britney has the votes to stay..


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