Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bathing Beauties #BB16

Well, Brittany's boobs are a big topic in the chat room right now, while all the live feeders watch this scene.  A chatter claims that she told Frankie last night that she got "small implants, because she couldn't afford a lift", but I can't confirm that myself.

Brittany talked to Donny across the yard, addressing him like he is a slow two-year-old, making plans for tonight.  They expect to be locked in, so they can't "look at the stars".

Brittany:  Maybe we can go in The Hive and count the cells?

Donny:  Well, it'll be cold in there, but if you can stand it...

Brittany:  Or we can go upstairs in the bird nest and count.

(Obviously trying to prepare for the HoH tomorrow...)

Brittany, in a low tone:  Oh my God...I can't stand that...when he makes that sound with his mouth? ...that sound?  He's so weird....

Amber giggled.

Brittany wonders if Caleb is just being quiet because he's hungry.

Amber:  I don't know..he's hasn't talked to me for the past few days....whenever we do talk it's just about life...not the game.

Brittany thinks everybody in the house needs someone to really talk to.  Jocosta gives her that feeling, and Derrick too, she says.


  1. That last pic of Brittany sunbathing clearly shows an implant bulging out under her armpit like a balloon. Real ones don't do that.

  2. I included that picture because I really wasn't sure...I thought that might be fatty tissue or cellulite or something. Supposedly she discussed her boob job with Frankie, but I didn't hear the conversation.

    Brittany still looks fantastic, though, even if she got a boost from a plastic surgeon.

  3. No kidding, she is the hottest girl in that house. Very beautiful, and she understandably doesn't trust men.


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