Sunday, July 27, 2014

As Expected, the Have Nots Get More Food #BB16

At around 6:00 pm BBT yesterday, the Have Nots learned what America had chosen for them to eat this week, along with the usual slop and protein shakes.

They were locked down in the HoH Room while the foods were displayed. The Spy Screen was de-activated during this time, of course.

They see the pizza boxes on the way downstairs and start cheering.  Caleb is the first one there, followed by Nicole.  Both of them are Have Nots, you know.  America chose "Deep Fish Pizza" which involves pizza and seafood, obviously.

Nicole: That fish looks nasty.

Derrick, running through and clapping:  Let's go America!  Thank you very much!

Derrick is a Have Not, too, you know.

Frankie announces that there are clams, and sardines, both canned.

There are dead fish displayed on the table along with the canned foods, and Caleb says he can scale them, no problem, so they can cook with them, too.  Supposedly Jocosta is on slop, too this week, after something that happened during the PoV competition.

Frankie reads the card from Big Brother with his usual theatrical flair.  Take a look at the picture below, and remember that Frankie told the house guests that he is 26. Yes, 26.  But in reality he is 31, which is older than Derrick.  Frankie knows that, too, because I heard him quiz Derrick hard a few weeks ago regarding exactly when his birthday is.  (Derrick was 29 when he applied to be on Big Brother, but is 30 now.)

I think 31 is a stretch, actually, and want to see his birth certificate before I can believe it.

Donny tries to pump Jocosta up, with her sour face.  She looks so different with her hair pulled up...I was like, who the hell is that?

Jocosta:  I just said to Zach that if I could choose it would be fish, any fish and I would eat it.

That crab on display is plastic, obviously, so I hope Jocosta doesn't try to gnaw on that.

Caleb threatens to bite the head off one of the fish, and someone yells "Do it", so he did.  The camera didn't even have time to center in on him, but he did it.

As I recall, Caleb was also the brave person who tasted the tripe, too.  Zach is yelling in the background about "Beast Mode Cowboy" and it is funny.  Nicole is disgusted and paces nervously.

Amber is all pissy about only getting the few whole fish that are on display.  She even checked the storage room to see if there were more whole fish and now she bitches about it.

You're not even a Have Not, Amber, so Know Your Role and Shut Your Hole.  You can have all the fish you want on Thursday night.  And for the rest of the summer.

Caleb tells Zach that what he just did was "on TV, baby!"  But I don't think the Have Not foods have been seen on the CBS show yet.  Derrick is ecstatic, and shows Christine that the pizza mix from the storage room, which is gluten-free.

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