Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Tender Zankie Moment #BB16

Frankie:  I thought you were a rich kid...but hearing you talk about cars and're not.

Zach:  No, I'm not.

Frankie: But your Mom is well off...

Zach:  She makes close to six figures...close...but my dad was unemployed for a little bit..

Frankie:  Uh huh..

Zach:  He started a business that didn't do too well...and both of my parents...I don't want to say they're in debt, but...

Frankie:  They're in debt.  Uh huh.

Zach:  No, I don't want to say that.  But everything I have, I've paid for myself.  We live comfortably..

Frankie:  But your mom..

Zach:  My mom pays for my cell phone bills..I don't really have bills that I need to pay..but throughout college I paid my rent every single month...over $600...I was a hard working kid.

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