Friday, July 4, 2014

A Busy Night in the BB House....Nominations, Frat Parties, and Battle of the Block . #BB16

I can only assume that Production is trying to minimize the holiday overtime, and give the crew the afternoon off for the July 4th holiday.

Last night Devin and Amber had barely enjoyed their HoH letters and baskets, before Derrick came in the room with news.

Derrick:  I've got some news....first don't anybody use the microwave, because they are going to replace it.  Also, the screen downstairs says Nominations Today...

Everyone erupted and ran downstairs to see the screen.  Frankie was WAY overdramatic about the whole thing--acting as if he just couldn't believe the HoH team had to make nominations.  It was too much, even for Frankie.

So before midnight BBT, the nominations were held.  Leading up to them, Devin held a meeting with Amber and told her that they should both nominate a boy and a girl, but if he got to nominate first, he was going with Brittany and Pao Pao, with the plan to get Brittany out of the house.

I think that is indeed what happened, and Amber nominated Hayden and Nicole.  A lot of people wanted Victoria on the block, but Derrick nipped that in the bud by bringing up Nicole's name, saying he didn't think Nicole was a big "Amber fan".

(Derrick has Victoria in his hip pocket.  Literally, most of the time.)

Then all night long there were chants and noises coming through the walls --a lot of Fraternity-type cheers and so forth.  Some of the house guests were up all night, and the Battle of the Block was held early this morning, finishing about 6:30 am BBT.

It was a challenge where they had to drink something nasty, and Hayden and Nicole won.


The Beast known as Devin pulled Pao Pao aside, with Victoria there as well, to tell her to like, calm down and let things happen this week.

Devin:  You need to like, calm down and let things happen this week.

He really wants Brittany out, because she's "the only one talking game when everyone is trying to relax".

Devin:  On the days where we have nothing to do in here, we all just want to relax and we can't do that with Brittany here.

I later learned that Devin is "wasted" after having 7 or 8 Jello shots during the competition---clearly the theme of the night was Fratty.

Cody was quietly grieving.  He likes Brittany, and I'm sure he's still replaying his tragic defeat last night over and over.  Cody is a competitor who likes to win.

Hayden talked about the competition and told the guys that he tried not to taste whatever it was that he had to drink.  There was some hot sauce in it, he says, and it was kind of spicy.  They agreed that Brittany did well in the competition---so I guess Pao Pao fucked it all up again.

Caleb has donned a new type of persona today, with the whole glasses and scarf look.  I don't think that "scarf" is one of Amber's garments, but I could be wrong.  The good thing is that Caleb is no longer whining about Amber dissing him, and blowing him off.

In Caleb's mind, he is probably already engaged to Amber.  Just a guess.

Nicole has never seen a competition like that before, and is her usual subdued self after winning.  Pao Pao has been talking about a girl in the house that she hates, and I'm pretty sure that is Victoria.  I heard Devin tell her Victoria could go next week, but this week he wants Brittany gone.

Nicole tells Brittany that she thought Devin's nomination speech to her was just horrible.  Brittany said she wasn't surprised, and brings up that either Devin or Caleb made a gun-shooting gesture after her key was pulled.

She vows to blow things up on her way out of the door this week, if it comes to that.

Zach might make some coffee instead of sleeping.  Last night on the live feeds, Zach was having severe stomach pain and hadn't pooped in quite some time.  He knew he hadn't been eating right or drinking enough water so he took some Metamucil (I think) and drank a glass of ice water.  Not sure if things worked out or not for Zach at this point.

If he wants to start drinking coffee, I might have to vote "no" on that.

Cody and Derrick trudged back up the stairs to finish a chess game, and their spirits are low.

Derrick:  This is the worst case scenario...we don't want Brittany gone.  I'll do whatever you want...I'll ride or die with you, but we have to be smart...

During the pre-season, Derrick said he wanted an alliance with one person he could trust.  I think he chose well in Cody---I've heard Cody defend him a number of time and was visibly upset when Amber was talking about putting Derrick on the block last night.  But they aren't exactly undercover....everybody knows the two of them are tight.

They are chomping on Nilla Wafers.  I heard someone say there is "no food" so I guess the storage room has not been stocked yet.


Last night Frankie put on Jocasta's Miami Lice costume from last week, which was still on the floor of the storage room.  He said it stunk and took it off.  So Hayden stepped up and put it on, cavorting around the living room.

He called himself "Heavy Metal Lice" and proceeded to call out everyone's name in the scary heavy metal voice and it was funny.

I sensed some tension with Frankie during this---clearly Frankie likes to be the center of attention and did not expect to be usurped in the BB house.  Hayden does these kind of things in a manner that suggests he would do the same thing all alone in his house, like a true outcast weirdo.  (I mean that in a good way.)

Frankie, however, is clearly putting on a show for the camera, with the voices and drama and all.  There is a clear difference and I could swear there was some eye-rolling in the living room about Frankie as he vamped and had fake fun.  Maybe I'm wrong, but maybe not.

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  1. u missed when Devin "asked" Pao Pao to THROW the BotB comp and he will give her safety for the week...

    can Pao Pao actually throw anything being she's so BAD in everything, lol


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