Friday, June 27, 2014

So What Happened When the #BB16 Feeds Went Live?

Every year I try to stay up for the launch of the live feeds, but it is just too much of a struggle for me.  I'm on the East Coast and with my schedule it just doesn't work.  This thing is a marathon, not a sprint, so please be patient with me as we get started this year.

But I went to bed last night with my TV tuned in to TVGN and woke up to all sorts of shouting on the screen.  The house guests clearly knew the feeds were going live and made a big effing deal out of it.  They were running around in each room yelling and dancing around in a manner similar to the Harlem Shake.   As they moved from room to room yelling and screaming the group seemed to get a little smaller and smaller.  (But my dog became angrier and angrier at me...)

At one point, we saw Frankie and Caleb in the HoH room, with Caleb standing behind Frankie with his arms around him, waving around like a crazy person.  I may or may not have heard Caleb mention "KY" (the lubricant, not the state).  Then I saw Frankie in the lounge area, and the bathroom.

Basically, Frankie was trying to make sure every camera was on him, all of the time.  I found it irritating and disappointing.

Then Hayden did something very odd.  He appeared stark naked holding his safari hat over his junk.  He wasn't running, just walking around and TVGN showed plenty of butt shots.  Hayden is just as fit as anybody else in there...but his behavior was ODD.  He kept saying "are we live?  are we live?" in a very monotone voice and it looked like the other house guests were uncomfortable.

Paola was kind of subdued, eating something that looked like a bowl of cereal.  (I found out later why she was pissed.....check out the status bar on the left side of this blog to see the current week's game statistics so far).  I could tell that Derrick is a Have Not, as he was standing in the kitchen milling around with what looked like a group of low energy, pissed off people.

I was unsuccessful in my quest to find footage of these events using the Flashback function, but I did make a few screen shots as I surfed around.

Here is Derrick playing chess with Victoria.  He is giving her pointers, but is also encouraging her.  She wants to know if people are talking about her, and Derrick says no, because she is "already irrelevant this week".  (Once again, check the sidebar...)

I've already declared that I love Derrick's voice and calm manner of speaking.  I'm sure Victoria is glad to have someone so reassuring with her, but I'm also sure she would bite Derrick's head off if they were in Miami and he called her "irrelevant".

Hayded walked around wearing a messy chignon and chatted easily with the girls who were brushing their teeth.  Love the uneven wall there...

I've got the live feeds on now and will be recapping throughout the's on people, it's on.

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