Monday, June 30, 2014

Rise and Shine...and Whine #BB16

Amber has a sunny disposition today....not a care in the world, it seems.  (Caleb confessed his feelings for her last night, and she made fun of him later --see the link about halfway down the page.)

Derrick got called in the DR and came out pretty quickly.  His baby daughter had some sort of surgery this morning.  Derrick said previously that it was scheduled before he came in the house, so hopefully it is nothing too serious.  He came out of the WC and told the girls that "it's all over" and gave the impression that everything is fine.

Can you imagine if Devin's daughter had surgery?  With the way he carried on about her just having a birthday?

Devin actually came in the bathroom and talked to the girls about Derrick's daughter, saying it is a relief that everything is fine.

Devin:  Can you imagine?  While you're in here?

(I'm sure those girls are all thinking the same thing that I'm thinking about having to listen to Devin obsess about that...)

Maybe Amber shouldn't try to look so purty today, right?  And maybe she should stop giving Caleb all of those looks...

Amber is assisting Nicole with her skin and makeup this summer in a very helpful way.

Brittany took a cold shower and didn't enjoy it very much, from the sound of things.  Big Brother told everyone to prepare for an outdoor lockdown and she groaned, trying to hurry.

A line quickly formed for the WC, since there is no bathroom outside.

Hayden said Pao Pao could go in before he did.  In fact, he recommended that.  Nice of him.

Meanwhile, the Sweet Angel catches a quick nap.

CBS spelled Jocosta's name wrong in the opening credits of the show last night. Or else they've been spelling wrong in the preseason....

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  1. It looks like they might have... Though the only reference outside of big brother I could find was here:


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