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Meet Nicole Franzel: Is She Wearing the Glasses, or are the Glasses Wearing Her? #BB16

Nicole is a Michigander who went to nursing school---we have every reason to hope that she is Super Fan whose dreams are coming true.  And it is no surprise that someone from Michigan would be a Dan Gheesling fan.  Nicole sat down with Jeff Schroeder on Media Day for a chat.

1.  Well today is our lucky day because Nicole is indeed a Big Brother Super Fan.  Nicole is the type of Super Fan who goes all out, by the sound of it.  She says she makes T-shirts for her favorite players every season, and for her favorite alliances.  She also watches the live feeds every year and never misses an episode.

Jeff: Have you watched every season?

Nicole:  No, because I'm only 21, so I think I started when I was 8

(That would have been 13 years ago, so Big Brother 3?)

2.  Nicole is unemployed right now because she just graduated from Nursing School.  She has a traditional Michigan accent---hard to describe but easy to hear. 

If she can get through that at her age, she must be very smart.  She certainly seems self-possessed and natural sitting next to Jeff, for someone who is a big fan of Big Brother.  Very calm and collected.

I hate to say it, but she resembles Aaryn a little.... with a little bit of Andrea Boelke from Survivor mixed in, right?

3.  Her downfall in the game might be that she doesn't seem to get along with other girls very well.  She doesn't know the reason for this, because she feels she is "always nice".    She thinks the other players will easily overlook her because she's so young and unassuming.

4.  Nicole is super close with her family so she's really going to miss them this summer.  Even after two days she already misses talking to her mother.

 5.  Nicole isn't looking for a showmance this summer, but if "it happens, it happens".  She confirms with Jeff that she is "single and ready to mingle".  She thinks she will probably cry a lot this summer, too.

6.  She can't say should would do absolutely anything to win, but she will "do a lot".  She says of course she will be lying in the house.  Duh.  When asked if she had a strategy she said she wanted to win the first HoH.

Now, there may have been more to Nicole's strategy, but we didn't get to hear it because this interview is heavily edited with some obvious stops and starts.

7.  Jeff asked Nicole the question about whether she would rather be a loser that America loves, or a winner that America hates.  Nicole gave an answer that wasn't really an answer, if you ask me.

Nicole:  Well obviously I don't want America to hate me...

For a more in-depth interview with Nicole, let's enjoy her interview with Rachel Reilly and Ryan Carillo from Reality Relapse.

8.  Rachel starts off with an energetic burst (of course) and tells Nicole she is "so cute and so fresh".  Nicole is wearing cowboy boots with her denim shorts, which is a cute look if you are young enough to pull it off.  She can't believe that "just the other day she was unemployed and looking for work and now she's going on Big Brother".

So, do you think she's carrying off the boots-with-shorts look?  I'm not sure that was the best choice for Nicole here....even at her age.  Maybe without the fringe on the boots....or a little photo shopping on the legs....
 9.  Nicole says that blow-drying her hair is a workout for her, because she gets hot and sweats.  She also loves to eat and says her favorite food is noodles, even though she says they are bad for you.  She will eat any type of noodle with butter, etc and then says "take me to Olive Garden".

So, I guess Noodles = Pasta.

10.  Nicole is from Ubly, Michigan, which is a small town with a population of 841.  Rachel says that is the size of her high school graduating class, and Ryan shares that 13,000 people literally live in his apartment complex.  Nicole says this whole experience is a little overwhelming coming from such a small place.

11.  Nicole talks about her nursing degree, and tells Rachel after this she is going to go home and be a nurse.

Rachel:  Just like Danielle....

***blank look from Nicole***

Rachel:  Danielle Murphree...from season 14.

Nicole:  Oh yeah...I don't look up people's last names too much...

12.  Nicole has said one of her favorite activities is cuddling.  She says she cuddles with her best friend Mariah, but will cuddle with a boy if it is "legit".   Rachel asks her what she will do if a guy puts his bag on the bed next to hers---is she going to allow that or tell him to find another bed? Nicole said she will probably cuddle with him, because she is "kind of scared to sleep by herself".

13.  Ryan asked her where that fear comes from and Nicole says she is "kind of afraid of ghosts".  Nicole doesn't think there are any ghosts in the Big Brother house but they tell her she will hear all sorts of noises coming from the walls at night.  Nicole said she doesn't watch ghost shows on TV now, but she watched "Paranormal Activity" when she was younger and it scarred her for life.

14.  She says the only TV show she watches is Big Brother, because the "other shows make her angry".  After Rachel and Ryan make fun of her for that comment she says she says her family just doesn't watch much TV, I guess.

15.  She likes country music like Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert.  She wants to be the first HoH so she doesn't go home the first week and so everyone can come up there and "kiss her butt".  She thinks she will do great in endurance competitions, since she is small and if she has to sit on something small she will fit.

16.  Ryan takes that opportunity to slam McCrae, by mentioning his win in the first endurance competition in BB15 by saying he's "practically a girl".

I couldn't find too much information about Nicole floating around out there, but I didn't search very hard.  Here she is with one of her friends...full of peace and love.


Something just feels a little off about Nicole.  She's young, cute, and says she's a Super Fan, but something just seems a little off.  I didn't see her gush over Jeff or Rachel, or even discuss what either of them did in the two seasons of Big Brother both of them played.

Maybe she's just down to earth and not impressed by reality stars.   She's got an edge there....an attitude that is a little unexpected because her looks are so angelic.  I don't think she'll be the first to go, that's for sure.  That house has at least two other ladies who will be competing for the Biggest Bitch title in the first few weeks, so I don't think it will be Nicole.

We'll need to keep an eye on Nicole in there to figure out what she's up to...something is just a little off with her.  When I first saw her picture,  I thought the glasses were fake since they just don't seem to fit her face.  In her interview with Rachel I saw the side pieces are gold-tone metal, so that lightens up the look a bit, but wouldn't a girl of Nicole's age wear contact lenses?  Are those glasses a put on?

Hmmm..  I'm suspicious.

And the ONLY show she watches on TV is Big Brother?  That's the only one?  Frankly I find that odd...very odd. 

Do you think she'll cuddle up with Cody?  Or maybe Caleb?  Or if that edge really is a sharp one, maybe she'd make a good match with Zach?

I hope Nicole is ready to lie and backstab and commit Dastardly Deeds on a daily basis......

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  1. I love her glasses. Can you tell me the brand please?


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