Friday, June 27, 2014

Let's All Get Ready to Do Nothing #BB16 #BBLF

Caleb burst into the bathroom with a burst of country energy, showing the girls how he jumped out of bed this morning to dance around to a Macklemore song.  After it was over, he got back in bed, he says.

Amber put on a gauzy shirt over her underwear and Caleb announced it was "kind of see-through".  Amber laughed and quickly put on a pair of shorts.

Christine is out of the shower, but is rather quiet.

Cody went in the storage room to change his batteries, while Zach stared at the inside of the fridge.  They didn't speak to each other and Cody left.

Amber is having some sort of problem with her eyes--she must wear contacts.  Donny offered some saline solution, saying it would make her eyes "wet and wild" but Amber said she would ask the DR for what she needs.

Cody wets his hair down to make it look more presentable.  Apparently the girls were told that they would have "interviews" today so they are all getting ready to look good in the DR.  A week ago, who would have thought Cody's body would be so undercover in the BB house?  Even Devin's bod got eclipsed by Caleb's show of strength in the HoH competition.  Lots of beefcake in there this year.

What a difference a pound of makeup makes.

Nicoles's hair is really beautiful, and it's all her's too.  I think I spotted some extensions on Victoria during her interview with Rachel and Ryan, but I guess we'll know for sure about that soon enough.  Nicole says she was up until at least six in the morning today, and she is tired today.

Brittany tells the girls how cold it was in the Have Not room last night.

Victoria is STILL piling on the makeup, and asks Amber who the interviews will be with today.

Amber:  The DR.

Victoria:  Oh.

(ha ha I think she thought it might be Extra or The Insider.)

Look how filthy the Storage Room is already.  Hayden is in there and when Caleb walked in he asked him if he was going to work today.

Caleb:  What do you think?

Caleb says he's going to win that PoV if he can help it....

I don't think Brittany will have any trouble getting dates when this summer is over, do you?

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