Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lap Around the Camera Feeds.. #BB16

You know, I didn't try to take a bad picture of Jocosta, but it happened anyway.

It's hard to eat pizza on camera, I guess.

Amber is gorgeous, of course, but I don't understand the need for the head wrap.

Pao Poa is being a lot more agreeable in the house than I thought she would be.  I don't think she's had one blow up in there...I certainly never would have guessed Brittany would create more drama than Pao Pao.

Zach is keeping his naughty side under wraps, too.  I hope we see him in action in the DR, though, where that kind of behavior belongs....I've no doubt CBS will feature his unlikely alliance with Frankie, though.

Caleb talked about how girls these days don't want guys who are nice to them...they are attracted to the guys who treat them badly.  He likes to treat girls with respect, the same way he treats his mother.  He's getting to the age where he thinks about wanting to be thought of as marriage potential, he says. Nicole said she thought he was too cocky the first days in the house, and Donny said being HoH also put him in a position where he was separated from everyone else.

Hayden spilled a lot of coffee and warns everybody.  Big Brother has put a cake mix and frosting in the storage room and the girls plan to make Nicole a surprise birthday cake when she is napping.  Monday is Nicole's birthday, apparently.

In the old days, Big Brother used to provide birthday treats for the house guests.  During BB6, they even had K-Mart as a sponsor and there were a lot of great jokes online about April opening her K-Mart gifts and holding up the clothes.  And during BB7 Big Brother delivered sushi for Mike Boogie's birthday---remember when Erika put whipped cream on her legs and he ate it off?

Joey put on a happy face and chattered with Brittany as she prepared to go in the backyard.

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