Sunday, June 29, 2014

Every Year, One Houseguest Thinks There is No Internet Camera in the Bathroom.... #BB16

and this year it is Pao Pao.

This conversation occurred in the backyard at about 2:00 am, as Brittany told the group that Paola stood in the bathroom wearing only a pink thong.  Brittany warned her about it but Pao Pao insisted there was no camera in the bathroom.

Brittany:  I told her, why do you think we are all getting dressed in the shower, with towels draped over the door?

They laugh about how Pao Pao is someone's screen saver right now.

Brittany:  And there are so many pervs out there....PERV...PERV...PERV...PERV...

Zach thinks that some people wear a GoPro on their head as they watch the feeds to capture stuff like that. Brittany said it would be the worst thing for her kids if nude pictures came out of pictures of her boobs or something.

Brittany: Oh, if some of her friends at school saw the boys...

Nicole:  That could ruin any career chances for me....if someone googled me and nude pictures came up.  Or if someone pants'ed me or something...

Zach agrees that would be horrible.  (Really Zach?)  Zach says he forgot about the cameras in the HoH bathroom and just started pulling off his boxers.

Cody:  I play the corners....I keep my junk pointed to the corners....I have no problem with a little butt shot getting out there...

(Good Cody, because Miss Cleo is already all over those butt shots...)

(And yes, this post contains pictures of Cody's feet...Brittany would be shocked to learn that bare feet pictures are just as popular as nude pictures of the house guests.  And people like to see pictures of smokers, too, but it looks like we don't have many of those this year.)

Christine tells them that last year Howard forgot about the cameras and opened up his towel and gave the cameras a shot of all that and they laughed.

I am just surfing around the Flashbacks from last night, looking for interesting stuff since the house guests are all sleeping right now.  (I'm an East Coaster.)  My plan this morning was to do the work I blew off on Friday and Saturday, but this is hopefully just a quick diversion.

On the other side of the backyard, Derrick and Frankie are talking with Caleb.  Zach reminds Derrick of his little brother.

Derrick:  I think maybe they thought that if they put Zach in here with know...both Jewish from South Florida...they might get together.  But then they found out Zach is a nut!

(I think Derrick will really enjoy Zach's casting videos after this season is over....)

Derrick:  Then he says, when I get out of here I'm going to slay everyone I meet and I told him the girls are watching this now, and he says it's all good.

They try to guess what the HoH competition will be.  Derrick thinks it might be True or False since it is quick for live TV and it gives everyone a chance to win.  He whispers that this would help someone like Christine since she is an underdog.

Derrick:  Our alliance could be totally portrayed as evil, we could be getting vilified.

Caleb:  Don't do it, or we'll come get you next!  (making a gunshot sound)


I am always looking for Derrick on the live feeds..  There is a lot of hot male eye candy in the house this year, but Derrick is doing it for me.  I like the way he carries himself, and I like the way he speaks.  And I love his clothes, too.  And when I stop and remember that he is the only one in the house running a true game about his identity, that makes him even better.  Having said all that, there are plenty of other house guests that I like and am rooting for.  But Derrick is the most interesting---I hope we get to hear some unfiltered DR information from him about the house guests.....he's a Police Sergeant, but he has the potential to be a real Big Brother gangster if you ask me.


Derrick said maybe he will go to Donny and say he wants to get in the "Double D" alliance and make it "Triple D" to make sure they can keep Donny in line if he wins HoH.  Then he says Devin can just control Donny for now.

They think Brittany would be the worst for them if she wins HoH because she is going to make decisions that are best for her.

Derrick:  If Brittany wins, she's putting Devin up....I'll bet my....stipend that Devin is going up.

(Did Derrick almost say BADGE???  Oh no....)

Derrick says she would put up Victoria with Devin, and that she would never put up Amber because of Caleb's perceived relationship with her.  Caleb thinks she would put up Pao Pao.

Speaking of Devin, I took these pictures yesterday afternoon when Devin was cooking.  He poured honey right into the pan on these steaks, and then broke three eggs in the pan once the steaks were done.  I have to assume that all of this food was for himself, because pouring honey on a steak is such a specific thing...who does that?

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