Monday, June 30, 2014

Cody Looks Good, but Talks Too Much #BB16

He is rocking in the hammock with Christine and talking about the game and the players.  He said he likes Frankie, but Frankie is playing the game really hard right now.

Cody:  Frankie likes that everyone is showing him all of their cards, but he's not sharing all of it.  I'm careful when I talk to him not to give him too much, because if he knows what I'm thinking he could use it against me.

Christine:  Uh hmmm.

They say winning the PoV at this point kind of sucks because you really can't use it or else you will show too many of your cards..

Cody:  But I would use it to save Derrick....I just can't lose him in this game right now

Christine: Uh hmmmm.

CODY SHUT UP!  Christine was telling her secret BFF Frankie last night that she thought Cody was too close to Derrick!

Cody's dad is a BB fanatic and told Cody he was worried about the season being stacked with BB veterans.

Cody:  He was like, sorry, but all the vets are saying they want to play, but they want to get paid more...and Julie said it would be the twistiest summer ever!

Christine:  I know!  My mom said Julie Chen said it would be twist after twist after twist..

Cody was shocked that there were two HoH's---he never would have guessed that.  He is glad they get to eat at midnight on Thursday---that gives him at least one day to eat nutritious food until there is another group of Have Nots.

You're welcome, Cody fans.

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