Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mike Boogie Speaks About #BB15

Mike Boogie and David Girton appeared last week on Afterbuzz TV to discuss Big Brother 15, and were hosted by Ashley Iocco.

Mike has been watching the season, and had some insightful comments about the players and the game.  As always it is a pleasure to hear what Mike Boogie has to say.  He may not be your favorite BB player, but he knows what is going on in the game and is not afraid to say it.

David has been watching the show, and the live feeds, and is a little bitter.  He doesn't say much, but when he does he is talking some smack about the other house guests (even Nick and Howard).  David even discussed the prescription drug-taking by Aaryn and Amanda and I could tell Mike Boogie was shocked.

Ashley said she heard "Adderall was like Meth".  Say what?

POTENTIAL BOMBSHELL:   David says that BB14's Kara Monaco is "dating" Peter Brown from BB Canada.  Say what, again?

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