Friday, September 13, 2013

Did Andy Lose His Teaching Gig? #BB15

I've heard Andy say that he wasn't scheduled to teach this year, due to being on Big Brother.  So is the College's Facebook posting this morning confirming that, or are they telling us something else?

I've heard that angry "fans" have been calling the school to complain about Andy, so maybe this is the College's way of putting an end to those calls.

By the way, don't overstep your bounds as a fan and get involved in the contestant's private lives.  Don't call and harrass anybody's employer.  Try not to be a total asshole, please.

Thank you.


  1. Agreed. I am not #TeamAndy but I realize that this is a game and there are different ways to play it. To go after these people's families and careers is ridiculous. We all have done or said something that we would be ashamed of, bit it's not broadcasted for the world to see and hear. Let's just cheer for our favorites and learn how to play nice

  2. Thanks The Don.

    Stuff like this just makes it harder for casting to find good people for the show.

    Why would anyone in their right mind sign up for this? The game is bad enough, but going home to a battle just seems wrong.

  3. Yeah, well calling women cunts is pretty offensive.

    1. I agree that using racial and other forms of derogatory slurs are inappropriate and should affect HG once they leave the house. If the HG wouldn't act like that in public, why should they think its okay to act like that in the BB House.

      Being a general d-bag is different though. So far I have not seen any actions from Andy that would warrant him losing his job. However, if students dislike him enough to not sign up for his classes then it would make sense for him to not have future work with this school.

  4. Can you imagine a world where people who use the word "cunt" in one form or another all become unemployed?

    The grocery shelves would be empty....our houses would fall down due to disrepair....our lawyers won't show up to meet us for our court dates....but we would be free to drive as fast as we can because law enforcement would cease to exist...

    ha ha ha ha ha


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