Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tidbits From Yesterday #BB15

I watched the feeds for a couple of hours yesterday evening, and took some pictures.  I had a busy day and didn't get a chance to post, so this post is better late than never, I guess.

Late yesterday the house was full of energy, as the house guests prepared for Gina Marie's nomination ceremony.

Judd primped.  This picture was taken before Judd gave the Bear Shirt to Andy to wear for the nomination ceremony.  The two of them were jeering at each other about Julie Chen's "obsession" with Judd.  Judd bragged that Julie has spoken to him on the live show three times now.

Andy complimented Judd on the way he speaks to Julie, slowly and clearly.  Little does Judd know that the main reason Julie spoke to him is that it set up the segment filmed in Judd's home town.  (You can see that here.)  Andy "joked" that after speaking with Judd, Julie said she might as well throw Andy and Candice a bone and recognize them, too.

I would imagine Production is confident that Judd will say something unrehearsed yet amusing when Julie calls on him, live, without fear of having to bleep him.  That's a plus for them...

Jessie had to smoke this cigarette "like a joint" because it was broken.  At this point, every single cigarette matters for these house guests.  They are smoking each one right down to the nub.  I think Amanda already ran out and is bumming them now.  Big Brother will provide nicotine patches for the house guests, but never cigarettes.

I watched the UK Celebrity Big Brother edition, and they are given a weekly budget to spend on food and other supplies, and cigarettes are on the list.  They still argue about it, though, because the non-smokers don't like using the food budget for smokes, but that sort of thing would never happen in the US.  I guess.  What the hell do I know, really?

Helen sat down to have a little meeting with Jessie, to clear the air about their issues.  Helen has been very aggravated with Jessie's involvement in the failed plan to evict Amanda, and Jessie made it worse by saying that neither Helen nor Elissa needed the BB prize money.

But just as they were sitting down Amanda barged in and bulldozed her way over their conversation to apologize with Jessie.  They had a GREAT argument that I plan to recap today where they hurled all sorts of personal insults at each other.  You know, calling each other sluts.  So you can look forward to that later today...

Amanda launched into her apology and her voice was so raspy it sounded like she was speaking through one of those little voice scramblers, or whatever they are.  When she came in I actually marveled at how Amanda didn't ask if she could speak with them---she just barreled in the room and took over.  But then I realized that it's not like Helen and Jessie have anything else to do---it's not like Helen has to reschedule the meeting.  And hey, we all know it is All About Amanda, All Day.

But it seemed like a sincere apology, and Jessie apologized, too.  Amanda admitted she was drunk after being a Have Not all week, and reflected that her drinking seemed to get her in trouble a lot, lately.  She said she didn't mean what she said, and Jessie parroted that right back at her.

After Amanda left, Helen went right back to her own agenda, which included making Jessie feel like shit and shedding a few tears of her own.  (You can see that here.)  Later Helen told Andy that she wanted to "put Jessie back in her place".  Which is far, far below Helen Kim, apparently. Duh.

Gina Marie took a meeting of her own with Elissa in the HoH Room.  As far as I could tell, GMZ's agenda was to go on and on about how much she respected Elissa, her body, her workout routine, her competitive nature, yadda yadda yadda.  I really tried to listen and absorb everything, but when the GMZ Babble goes into overdrive I kind of have to tune out.

Elissa:  Mmmm  hmmm......mmmm  hmmm........mmm hmmm...

As Elissa left Gina Marie called out over the railing, asking if anybody else wanted to speak with here.  Elissa pulled her aside and said that she didn't want to talk to her in Aaryn's presence.  Aaryn was in the HoH bathroom primping during the discussion and Gina Marie apologized profusely for this, saying she didn't realize Elissa wanted privacy.

I think GMZ thinks Elissa is still the MVP or has special powers, hence all of the blatant butt-kissing.

 Judd went up and knocked on the door softly, once, twice, three times.  When I watched this the audio was from the HoH Room, where Gina Marie was clearly "rocking out" to her Christina Aquilera CD.  (The one with "Dirty" on it.)

You know, I always wondered who was buying all of these Jessica Simpson and Christina Aquilera products.  Mystery solved, because all of the girls, plus Andy, were simply ecstatic over having these CDs to listen to.

When Judd finally entered the room GMZ apologized, and then said Judd looked hot in his shades and shirt.  Judd said he got that shirt in the "Fro Yo" competition and GMZ said she didn't recognize the shirt until he said that.

Aaryn was still primping in the HoH bathroom and chimed in that Judd looked good in the shirt, too, and that he should wear it.  There was a lot of discussion about who was going to sleep where.  Judd no longer wants to sleep in the same bed with Jessie, and would love to have a bed to himself for just one night.

Judd enjoyed some mixed nuts and they discussed Candice Stewart.  Gina Marie said she had been waiting in the HoH because Candice wanted to speak with her, and they laugh about how she has been spending hours curling her hair downstairs.

Judd:  You'd think she'd wanna come up and talk to ya about nominations, instead of just gettin' ready!

Candice came in and suddenly everyone in the room prepared to scatter.  

You can see Aaryn and Andy getting their things together to leave the room, pronto.  And Andy is sporting the Bear Shirt.  I didn't listen to the Candice discussion that was held, but I might go back and listen to it.

You probably know Candice and Jessie were nominated.  Jessie was very teary-eyed last night but Candice had her game face on.    The MVP nomination and PoV competition will be held later today.

Things will be nice and juicy as the day progresses.

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