Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Huffington Post vs. Amanda Zuckerman #BB15

The Huffington Post can smell a good story here, and continues the Big Brother 15 Hate Gate coverage with a special focus on Amanda.

They feature this You Tube video which updates the prior Big Brother Bigot Reel to focus on comments that have happened since that video was produced.  (You can see that here.)

This video paints Amanda as a "worst human being ever" as stated by McCrae himself.  McCrae also says "that's racist" over and over in response to Amanda, but of course she ran right over him.  Amanda not only wears the pants in that relationship, but the shirt, shoes and jockstrap, too.

As a special bonus, we get to see Jeremy again as he calls McCrae Queer Boy, with Amanda calling him "McQueer".  And we get to see the lovely departed Kaitlin use the N word.  And Spencer tells us that "tears and blood make the best lube".  (Somebody needs to search his backyard with bloodhounds.)

You can read the article from Huffington Post here.  I would print it but I'm scared they will sue me.


  1. Why does the link for the Huffington Post article go to Disney?

    1. Because liberals think Mickey Mouse is a real person.

  2. You might need to refresh or something. They run one video after another on the website.

    That's why I embedded the video above.


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