Friday, August 9, 2013

Tennessee Mourns the Loss of Judd #BB15

East Tennessee 'Big Brother' player evicted by surprise 'blindside'
By Chuck Campbell

Posted August 9, 2013 at 1:17 a.m.

Judd Daugherty

Etowah’s Judd Daugherty entered the CBS “Big Brother” house in June as a distinct underdog with a sound strategy: be nice and play dumb. It worked like magic for the month of July, though ultimately Daugherty fell victim to the paranoia of his allies and his own sloppy gameplay, and he was evicted from the house Thursday night.

He now becomes a member of the jury, joining Candice Stewart, who was voted out of the game at the beginning of Thursday’s show in a “double eviction” night.

But just maybe it’s not all over for Daugherty: Host Julie Chen hinted that Thursday’s evicted players might not be eliminated from the game. In the past, “Big Brother” has returned an ousted player, and the motto of the show is, “expect the unexpected.”

Daugherty, 26, certainly didn’t expect his demise. He had what he believed was a solid alliance with Amanda Zuckerman, McCrae Olson and Andy Herren. And he thought he had the trust of a few others, including Helen Kim. In a twist this season, “Big Brother” allowed America to select a player to go “up on the block” (nominated for eviction), and America repeatedly voted for the bullying Zuckerman, who frequently berated other players and constantly demanded her way.

The producers didn’t tell the players that fans were making the selection, not other players, and Zuckerman suspected that Daugherty had been given the power and was anonymously putting her up on the block. When she revealed her suspicions to the opportunistic Kim (a self-appointed house “mom” type who has turned off fans for her passive-aggressive and seemingly phony behavior), the two concocted a plan to “backdoor” Daugherty, a slightly complicated process that puts a player on the block without any means to get themselves down. Most players on the block are allowed to play for “veto” so they can take themselves down. After the veto ceremony, however, a new player is sometimes put on the block without the chance to play for another veto.

Several other players hinted to Daugherty that Zuckerman was plotting to take him out, but he didn’t believe them and stayed loyal to his ally. Meanwhile, Zuckerman and Kim went through the house and recruited the other players (including Olson and Herren) to go along with the plan.

After Stewart’s eviction, Aaryn Gries won a “Head of Household” competition, giving her the power to nominate two players for eviction. She put up Spencer Clawson and Jessie Kowalski as pawns. Gries also won the veto competition and seemingly reluctantly went along with the “backdoor” plan, taking Kowalski off the block and putting up a shocked Daugherty. A live audience adjacent to the house audibly gasped and exclaimed in dismay that the fan-popular Tennessean had been tricked.

Inside the house, several players, who had built personal bonds with Daughtery, were visibly distraught, crying and hanging their heads to avoid eye contact with the shaken player as he pleaded with them to keep him in the game.

Yet they unanimously voted him out.

Fans on Twitter were outraged, especially at Zuckerman and Kim. Tweets included, “I could set the big brother house on fire,” “I feel so bad for Judd … This is terrible he doesn’t deserve this at all,” “I hate Amanda so much. She’s such a bully,” “Amanda has gotta go,” “I vote to evict Helen for getting Judd evicted,” “How the cast cannot see how Helen is so fake … is just depressing” and “Helen is so fake I can’t believe no one notices.”

Chen briefly interviewed the affable Daugherty, who works for the property assessor’s office in McMinn County, as he left the house. She asked him what went wrong with his game, and he laughed and exclaimed, “I got the good old blindside tonight! I don’t know what happened!”

What he doesn’t know is that Zuckerman mistakenly lost her trust in him and he mistakenly continued to trust her. His bad instincts cost him the game and the $500,000 prize (barring another twist), while her game continues, along with that of the eight other remaining players.

As a member of the jury, Daugherty will be sequestered from the outside world until the show ends in September. He won’t know the whole truth of what went wrong until then.


  1. Um, I think you mean Helen not Kim...

  2. Just one person's opinion, but here it is: Helen Kim is the most dangerous person in that house right now. Helen is workin' it like a pro. Helen and Elissa need to go - Jessie will then fall apart. My picks to go to the final 3 are McCrae, Andy and Amanda, with possibly Aaryn sneaking in there while nobody is minding the store!

  3. Also he wasn't technically backdoored, he did play for the veto... Still so sad he was evicted in such a way with no chance to campaign for himself.

  4. Helen is a moron for passing up the chance to get Amanda out. She kept saying that it wasn't time. It seems like there isn't anyone left in the house that has the nads to put her up again. So unless McRae turns on her, she will have a very good chance of making it to the end. Booooo
    I would love for Candice and Judd to have that talk where she shares all of her observations (that lady didn't miss much) with Judd and he uses that knowledge to come back and win. I must root for my fellow Tennessean!
    GM has become BB's crazy Miss Havisham. She said the other day that if Nick wanted to abstain until marriage, she'd do that for him. Lol
    I would love to see what the Zingbot has to say for this looney cast.

  5. I actually have mixed feelings about Helen. I can appreciate her constant energy and desire to play the game, but having to listen to her run her mouth and be so loud on the live feeds drives me crazy. I can't imagine begin around her every day in that house.

    I also appreciate her efforts to be devious and dastardly. I said over and over again during the pre-season that I wanted house guests who would be scheming and playing hard. I guess I am really frustrated with the other house guests for not noticing what is going on and doing something about it. They aren't even TALKING about targeting Helen at this point.

    So I agree that Helen is most dangerous and she will go after McCrae before Amanda if the opportunity presents itself. Just like she was happy to evict Jessie until she saw a way to target Judd without any blood splattering on her own hands.

    I will be rooting for Judd to come back in if (when) we get to vote, but I guess we need to wait and see who the next two jury members are. I expect Helen to get someone else on the block after the PoV, since Andy seems to be her puppet this week.

    And by "someone", I mean McCrae, the only person in the house right now who could beat her in the jury votes.


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