Thursday, August 22, 2013

Scenes From This Afternoon #BB15

These are pictures I took this afternoon while I tried to do my real job.   I will be live tweeting the show tonight with updates and spoilers. 

Helen ironed this yellow dress to wear tonight.  She says yellow is a happy color for her and she is going to make the most of this opportunity.  She also gave Elissa some sort of yellow hoodie or zip up jacket to wear, telling her that "America sees Helen wear it in the DR so we will know who it belongs to".

I'm not sure that is a selling point for Elissa, however, with all of her "designer couture".

Elissa is all pumped up for the endurance competition tonight, and had a little meeting with GMZ in the Cockpit.  Elissa wanted to make a deal before the HoH tonight.  (Frankly, GMZ may have the best chance to win tonight due to her tenacity and short stature.  Elissa may be able to hold on tight, but her height might work against her, and if there is cold water involved I'm not sure Elissa can tough it out.)

GMZ said if she wins HoH, she's putting up McCranda, and Elissa gave her a big hug for that.

I know these two don't like each other, but they just forged an understanding in the game.  Each of them told the other that if they win HoH tonight, the other person is safe.  Elissa also asked her to throw the comp to her so she can win.  GMZ handled that request pretty tactfully, saying the win was important to her, too, since today is her birthday.  She did say that if it is just the two of them at the end up there, she will be open to conversation, so that made Elissa happy.

In the bathroom GMZ kept talking about what type of hair color and developer to AXE for in her HoH basket.  Elissa answered her, but I can tell the questions were irritating, since she is sure she is going to win.

Andy came over and whispered to GMZ that he wasn't sure they were doing the right thing tonight by voting out Helen.  She agreed and they went in the cockpit to whisper. 

Aaryn came in to join them and made it clear that Helen needs to go, and that she "will freak the fuck out if she doesn't".  In the end I think Andy and GMZ agreed to back her up, but not before Amanda got dragged into the conversation.  Spencer also worried about all of the closed door whispering, but I think GMZ did a good job of calming him down.

Amanda took a shower and gave very graphic testimony while she was in there about "washing her butthole".  It's too late for any of us to expect Amanda to have any class or self respect, so I will also report that she also made a big production about powdering her cooch so she would be "dry tonight".

Amanda = Queen of TMI.

Helen did some last minute ass-kissing with Aaryn, telling her what a good game player she is.  Yadda yadda yadda.  Previously Andy told Helen that he had last minute doubts about voting her out, but Aaryn was sure about the vote to evict Helen.  I guess Helen wanted to make one last try.

And that Andy is crafty, because if Helen does win the comp to come back in the game tonight she may give Andy a pass since he is "doing what the house wants".  Andy is also working on his jury votes, I think.


You can't see it here, but Helen is really gorgeous in the yellow dress.  She hugged Spencer good bye and told him that after being on the block so many times, if he can make it to the end of the game she will consider voting him to win.  Spencer thanked her.

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