Friday, August 23, 2013

Scenes From Last Night #BB15

Elissa apparently gave Amanda the impression that she is safe this week, but that McCrae might be going on the block.  Unbelievably, Amanda seems to think this is true, which shows that for the first time Amanda may have no idea what is going on in the game right now.

Aaryn sat alone in the Cockpit for a few minutes, thinking quietly.  I guess she knows that she is at risk this week, but is remaining calm and in control of her emotions.

McCrae and Spencer chatted quickly in the storage room.  Spencer reported that Elissa told him he would not go on the block, but if he played for PoV and it appeared like he was playing hard to win, then she would put him on the block.

McCrae thinks something is up with this, and that what Spencer is telling him does not make sense.

They agreed to stick together, and not to let Judd come between them.  They know Judd is way too likable, and want to get him out as soon as they can.  McCrae is pretty sure Judd is angry at him and having Judd come back in the game is his worst nightmare.

Andy joined them and they agreed to stick together, and be mindful of Judd trying to turn them against each other.


The second McCrae left Spencer and Andy agreed that Elissa's plan was to backdoor Amanda this week. (It's "blindside" you idiots, not a "backdoor" if Amanda plays in the PoV.)

Judd and Spencer laid in the bedroom and talked quietly.  Judd said he was so nervous and sick today, and having to wear a blindfold to come back on the lot didn't help matters.

Spencer:  Did you get your Pepcid?

I'm not sure what Judd said, but Spencer went into the recommended dosage, and then this happened:

Spencer:  Were you here when we had to start taking our pills in the DR?

(I believe this is due to Amanda's abuse of Adderall in the house.  I have reported on this in the past---Aaryn said that Amanda started taking twice the dosage, and was hoarding pills in her dresser drawer so she could take them based on occasions, rather than a regular dosage as intended by the physician. )

They only got 4 beers and there was much discussion over who would get them.  Andy bent over backwards to make sure Judd knew that he could have Andy's beers.

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