Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nick and Gina Marie, Sitting in a Tree.... #BB15

Aaryn is sitting in the HoH Room, eating chocolates and thinking.  On the pillow next to her is one of Gina Marie's mini shrines to Nick Uhas.

The framed picture is of Gina Marie and Nick, and was included in her HoH room by Production.  As a joke, obviously, but I'm sure GMZ isn't in on the punchline.

Aaryn looked over at it and then knocked the picture down on the bed.  She left it there, too.

Jessie came in and they chatted.  That is apparently one of Gina Marie's "performance costumes" that BB put in her HoH Room, too.   Aaryn can't believe what Amanda just said to her, that she only thinks about herself and should not be so selfish.

Aaryn:  If she's so sure she has the votes to stay, then why is she so worried about being on the block?

 Jessie:  I'm only going to say this once, but what is best for the house is always best for Amanda.

 Aaryn:  Right.

Jessie:  I think McCrae is MVP.

Aaryn:  But why would he put himself up?

Jessie:  To control that Amanda gets to play for PoV..

Aaryn:  You might be right.  I thought her tantrum was way overacted this time.

Jessie:  It looked faked.....construed...

(Don't you mean contrived?)

Aaryn says that Candice cannot win the PoV, she cant come off the block.

Aaryn:  If she does, I won't vote for you Jess.  I'll vote for Amanda.

They say they only need four votes to do that, but Jessie doesn't think that will happen.

Gina Marie comes in and sits, and they say it might be hours before the PoV competition starts.

She noticed that her picture of Nick "fell" and went over to make things right again.

Gina Marie announces she's going to do her hair and make up every day, since as the HoH she will be getting a lot of camera time and will be in the DR a lot.

I guess that explains the shoes, huh?  Good lord.


  1. She has exercised in those crazy shoes. She said she was going to start a socks with heels trend.
    Have you seen the #deathrace2013 or #andyholdingthings pictures?

  2. I love the AndyHoldingThings...will post about it. Thanks Groucho!


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