Saturday, August 3, 2013

Judd Won $5,000 #BB15

Spencer won the trip to the Bahamas.  (He will be sorry when he sees the value that is used for taxes---even Big Jeff took the cash value of the trip instead.)

Judd is upset about what happened, taking the trip and being accused of being the MVP, but Helen calmed him down, saying it was okay, that America loves him.  Judd swears that if he was the MVP, he might not tell everybody, but he would tell his alliance.

Candice will have to wear a  "Clownie Tard" and Aaryn is so happy that Candice will be wearing that when she leaves.

Aaryn:  Now I know why Clownie came into my life, he came in so another clown could leave.

 Aaryn says it was the perfect competition for her to host, and Spencer says she nailed it.  Then he started trying to find out if Aaryn's dad would let him and his dad go hunting on her family's ranch.

Gina Marie is all riled up and is saying Candice acts like a child and deserves to go home dressed like a child.

Jessie gave a shout out to Christina Aquilera for making music that got her fired up to win.  She listened to "Fighter" and some other song about having the wind in her hair right before the competition started.


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