Saturday, August 31, 2013

Judd Enjoys a Snack #BB15

Andy and Gina Marie were enjoying a private moment in the HoH bed, chattering about the fact that they were the first two people to walk in the BB15 house, and now they want to be the last two to leave.  They have a Final Two deal and then Andy says he sees "their friend Judd" coming back upstairs.

Judd plopped down on the couch and started eating.  It's a roast beef and pepperjack cheese sandwich and Andy makes him say that three times before he understands what is between the bread.

Andy brings up Judd's habit of putting peanut butter and meat on his sandwiches.

Judd:  Yeah.  When I was a kid I wanted to know what was in my sandwich, you know?  So I'd make it myself, with cheese and peanut butter and stuff.  And I loved it, and still do...

 Andy:  Are you a crunchy peanut butter guy?  Or creamy?

Judd, swallowing:  Creamy.  Crunchy breaks the bread!

(True, unless you toast it first.)

Judd tells Gina Marie she went farther in the game than her "friend Alex" (BB9) and JoJo.  Then they discussed the house guest who backed out at the last minute a few years ago (BB12).

Judd:  Some Mexican lady...her picture was up on but I don't know what happened.  Maybe she backed out or somethin'...

(Rumor has it that Chelsea Hart from Real Networks said something to her in her pre-season interview that scared her.  I've heard Chelsea ask contestants if they are ready to have cameras watch them all the time, even in the shower, so maybe that is what she said.  That was the last year Chelsea did the Real interviews, I think.  I am pretty sure I heard Evel Dick tell that story on his show, but of course he hates Chelsea so who knows.)

Judd mentions that McCrae told him Chef Joe was an alternate last year.  Then they say that Kaitlin told the entire house that she was an alternate this year.

I guess McCrae hasn't told anybody about his own situation, huh?  (Remember this?)

I really wanted to like McCrae when this season started.  I wanted him to be my favorite and turn into the anti-hero of the game.  But we all know how that story will end, right?

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