Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jessie Wants to Go Out With a Bang #BB15

Jessie just had a spat with Aaryn as she tried her hardest to stir up shit in the days before she leaves.  She told Aaryn that Elissa frequently called Aaryn, Gina Marie, and Amanda skanks, but then cozies up to them like best friends.

Aaryn rubbed herself with suntan oil and calmly said this is a game where you want people to think you like them.

Aaryn:  I like how you're trying to be so classy on your way out of here.

Jessie:  I'm going to go out like Rachel.

Aaryn:  Rachel is not my sister, so you're not insulting me with that.

Jessie:  I'm not trying to insult you.  Rachel was one of the most loved BB players of all time, because she said it like it is.

Amanda and McCrae came outside and Jessie started up with Amanda, too.

Jessie:  Did you know Elissa always talks about how slutty you are?

Amanda:  Yeah, I know..why are you doing this?

Jessie says she's spilling it all so that everyone knows what a snake Helen and Elissa are, and at least she has the guts to say things to someone's face, and not whisper and giggle behind closed doors.

Amanda:  You're trying to do Evel Dick...I get it....

Jessie:  Then just let me do it.  If you keep me around I'm going on the block every week...

Amanda:  I get it..

Now Jessie laughs about how she was listening in to conversations last night.  She says she heard Elissa say that BB is not a real problem, world hunger is a real problem.

Jessie:  Can you believe she was in there talking about hungry children and world hunger?

McCrae laughs.

Jessie:  I was like, I can't believe she put together a whole sentence!

Aaryn got back into it at one point, with Jessie making some comment about her wanting to be a TV star.

Aaryn: I don't want to be a TV star.

Jessie:  OK, then why do you have an agent?

Aaryn:  I have an agent because I get paid to do commercials.  You're un-fucking-employed Jessie.

Jessie:  Well, I have a college degree!  From University of Texas!

Amanda, laughing:  Then you're unemployed, and in debt too.

Jessie:  Nope.  I got grants for my education because I'm smart.

Jessie is threatening to shred Elissa today about what a poor imitation of her sister she is.  Amanda says don't you dare do that until I'm there to see it.  (ha ha ha)  Now Jessie starts talking about what a fucking liar Helen is...

McCrae hasn't said anything this whole time.  He just sits and smokes.  He might be a non-smoker soon, if he doesn't get Amanda out of there, since she ran out of smokes A LONG time ago and has been mooching from him ever since...

Damn, what an ass on Aaryn, huh?  Good lord.

 Gina Marie comes outside, unafraid of Jessie's insults, since Jessie is on her side now.

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