Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jessie Left, Cursing Amanda Out #BB15

As she left, Jessie yelled "Fuck you Amanda! Nice to meet you!".

We could hear Jessie wailing outside the set and McCrae chuckled from the bench.

Aaryn:  I'm sorry Jessie, you're out of the game.

Apparently BB made Aaryn say that, along with a few other updates.  As the outgoing HoH Aaryn is providing the play-by-play action for the competition and occasionally repeats one of her lines.  (I heard Aaryn tell Amanda that when you host a competition you wear an earpiece to receive instructions from Production.)  I just heard Aaryn ask Production to repeat the line for her, please.  Aaryn is actually very professional with this task, and keeps any bias out of her voice.


Candice, Helen and Judd are still in it, too, competing to be the returning Juror.  That is Jessie's arm you see there in the red shirt as she exits the game.  As the Jurors are eliminated they apparently are quickly whisked off set.  Or off the field, as appropriate.

Helen just caught another ball.  She has two, as does Candice.  Judd has three.

Judd says he won't be on much longer.  He's shivering and Candice encourages him.

Candice:  Don't be mind-fucking us Judd.  I know you're not ready to give up now.

The equipment whines.  Judd doesn't look good, to be honest.  That sprinkler has been hitting him right in the face.

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