Friday, August 2, 2013

It's Andy's Turn to Wear the #BearShirt #BB15

Andy accessorized Judd's favorite shirt with a pair of royal blue bermuda shorts and a belt.   I have to say this is the most grown-up, sophisticated ensemble I've ever seen on Andy Herren.

Yes, that was a read.

Helen makes time to whisper with Andy about Gina Marie's nominations. She is just so sure she knows exactly what is going to happen.

They went into the Cockpit and Helen told Andy her goal in meeting with Jessie was to "put her in her place".

(You can help PUT HELEN IN HER PLACE by using America's MVP vote to put her on the block this week.  You must vote before 9:00 pm tonight, and you can vote free online up to 10 times.  You can vote here.)


  1. I voted for Helen. I am getting really sick of her. It is time She got put in her place and learned her role and shut her hole.

  2. You're a hero SJ, a hero.

    Be proud.


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