Friday, August 9, 2013

Helen Goes In For the Kill #BB15

Andy wants to wait a few weeks before they "strike", but Helen wants Andy to know that McCrae and Amanda will be the two reasons why the two of them will not win the game.

Helen thinks Jessie is a wild card because she is too emotional, and is a bigger threat then Spencer. 

Helen:  Do you think Aaryn would flip out if Gina Marie goes?

Andy:  I don't think so.  I think Aaryn is already irritated with Gina Marie.

Helen:  But when it comes down to it, and I probably shouldn't tell you this because you will win $500,000, but in the end you want to be able to say you made the big moves.....if you win HoH I'm going to want you to do it, and if I win HoH next week I might do it..

Now Helen and Andy both agree that McCrae will need to be evicted first--he can win an endurance at the end, and knows more about the game.  They would much rather take Amanda to the end than McCrae.

Helen:  I think there is one more week before all hell breaks loose...I really need Elissa to win HoH, so that she feels confident about competitions.  I need the people I am working with to feel confident.

Andy:  If this week ends with Jessie going home, then I think I won't have any blood on my hands.  If Spencer goes him this week, I'm going to kill someone...seriously...

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